Amber Tresca

Amber Tresca

Amber Tresca is a writer and editor who has worked her way up in the medical publishing industry, starting as an editorial assistant working for a medical publishing house that produces peer-reviewed journals for physicians. Amber uses her expertise as a health editor to bring her readers news, information, and commentary on important health issues.

Medical Publishing Background

For several years she copyedited, wrote, and edited for several journals, frequently working closely with physician authors. She moved over to the Internet side of the medical publishing business and worked as a web producer: creating, editing, and publishing articles on medical journal websites. She was also the Guide to Inflammatory Bowel Disease on the former, where she wrote about this topic for 12 years.

Patient Advocate

Amber is dedicated to patient empowerment and advocacy. She is particularly concerned for those who are underserved by the healthcare system.

More About Amber Tresca

You can learn more about Amber's current work by connecting with her on LinkedIn and visiting About IBD.

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