Robin Raven

Robin Raven

Robin Raven is a freelance writer and editor with over a decade of experience contributing to magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. She has specific expertise in vegetarian living, vegan nutrition, and teen issues.

Vegetarian/Vegan Expertise

Robin became a vegetarian when she was a kid for ethical reasons; she has felt a lifelong adoration and respect for animals. She has enjoyed writing about all aspects of vegetarian living for publications like Friends of Animals, and The Nest. Her children's book, Santa's First Vegan Christmas, which was praised by actress Alicia Silverstone, celebrates being kinder to all.

Robin tends to see both sides of some vegetarian issues, and she loves to explore vegan philosophy. Whenever anyone is interested in the vegan lifestyle, she is happy to give advice and answer questions about how to make this choice as easy, convenient, and fun as possible.


As a former teacher, Robin worked with teenagers in addition to writing for them. Her own teenage years were challenging, and she has a lot of empathy for teens, which makes writing for them come rather naturally. Sharing practical advice for common dilemmas, she always respects her teen readers.

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