Eliza Martinez, M.L.A. (Psych)

Eliza Martinez, M.L.A. (Psych)

Eliza has been a freelance writer for more than ten years and holds a Bachelor'd degree in Psychology from University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters of Liberal Arts in Psychology from Regis University.

Infant Health and Wellness Expertise

In addition to raising three kids during the baby years, Eliza has written hundreds of articles on all things baby. This includes topics covering:

  • Safety
  • Feeding
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Newborns
  • Colic
  • Infant illnesses
  • Ways to boost development

Eliza studied early childhood development in college as part of the curriculum for getting her Master's degree in psychology. Navigating the baby years with her kids gives her plenty to offer in regards to cloth versus disposable diapers, choosing healthy foods, finding age-appropriate books and toys to entertain little ones and watching for milestones. Also, Eliza suffered from postpartum anxiety and understands how it's treated and how it can affect the mother-baby relationship if left untreated.

Child Wellness Expertise

Eliza has worked in a residential treatment facility monitoring mental health conditions, family visits, schoolwork and interactions with peers. She also has experience writing about:

  • Childhood illnesses
  • Development
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Wellness
  • Mental health

Eliza has lots to offer in terms of helping kids, including helping them make friends and getting through teasing and fights with friends. 

Nutrition Expertise

A large portion of Eliza's graduate school coursework encompassed nutrition. She studied eating disorders as they relate to children and teens and also studied nutrition concepts. Her graduate thesis is written on the federal school lunch program, and she continues to follow the topic as a way to keep up with changes to policy and guidelines.  She is also experienced in tracking food intake, mapping it out as it compares to dietary needs and has worked as a menu planner for a couple of clients looking to eat healthier and lose weight.

Experience With Gluten-Free Diets

In addition, Eliza has a child who eats gluten-free. She collaborated with the experts at Everyday Health to create a section geared toward parents starting out on the gluten-free diet. This includes a fun and conversational group of articles that take the guesswork out of choosing foods, eating out and shopping for parents with gluten-free kids.

Teens Expertise

Eliza studied nutrition and eating disorders in graduate school and is well versed on these subjects for teens. She obtained her Master's degree in psychology after three years of studying eating disorders and nutrition. Eliza wrote her Master's thesis on the federal school lunch program. In addition, she has written extensively on: 

  • Teen school issues
  • Bullying
  • Teen self-image issues
  • Mental health
  • Teen wellness
  • General teen health and exercise
  • Fun for teens
  • Fostering a healthy school environment
  • Making friends
  • Teen relationships
  • Interacting with parents

The teen years are hard, and Eliza likes to think she can help families get through them by advising, writing and talking about these subjects.

More About Eliza Martinez

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Eliza Martinez, M.L.A. (Psych)