Janine Kelbach, RN

Janine Kelbach, RN

Janine Kelbach, RN is a Registered Nurse who also works as a freelance writer. After starting her career as an RN, she continued to write and prepare continuing education courses for her unit. Now, her passion for writing has made her a freelance writer on the side. She specializes in writing about pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, breastfeeding, babies, and childcare.

Master's Degree

Janine holds a Master's degree in Nursing Education from Capella University.

Babies and Children

Janine has been an RN in Labor and Delivery for eight years and has cared for many newborns. Newborns are her specialty, but she is a mother of two children as well. Beyond that, Janine has been a babysitter in the past and also teaches babysitting classes for her local hospital.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding

Janine is certified in Inpatient Obstetrics through the NCC. With her certification, she must stay up to date with the changes in OB practices. She has helped many labor patients through their labor via vaginal delivery and C-section. She is the initiator of breastfeeding during the patient's recovery and has breastfed her son for over a year. She has knowledge of childbirth, labor, and postpartum care. Janine has written multiple articles for decodedpregnancy.com and naturaltransition.com.

Fitness and Health

Janine has a vast knowledge of diet and exercise. With her nursing background, she believes that a healthy way of living is the way to an optimal life. After being pregnant with two children, she was able to return to her pre-pregnancy size within weeks. She counsels patients daily on their optimal nutrition and the benefits of exercise.

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Whether you'd like to contact Janine about her writing or you're interested in taking her writing course, you can contact her via LinkedIn and Write RN.

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