Amy Guertin, MA, LCPC

Amy Guertin, MA, LCPC

For Amy Guertin, there is no more fascinating subject than people. From people-watching to her formal education to her own professional experience, there has been one passion that has always been present - trying to understand why people do what they do. In 1990, Amy took her first psychology class. Although she didn't know it at the time, it was the first step of what would become a lifetime love affair.

Therapy Qualifications

Amy began her career 20 years ago as a counselor. She became a licensed psychotherapist working with all ages but focusing more on children, adolescents, and families. She has worked in community agencies, psychiatric facilities, and private practices. She has advocated with community services, including:

  • Schools
  • Mental health agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • The justice system

Amy spent many years doing on-call crisis work with children and adolescents at risk of harming themselves and others. Her favorite type of client is the untrusting, resistant teenager. She says that once you get past the mistrust, the relationships developed are amazing. Working with children has necessitated working with families and Amy also has experience in working with couples and individuals not only on family issues but on relationship and dating issues as well.

Connect With Amy

Amy Guertin can be reached via her personal pages at Psychology Today and LinkedIn.

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Amy Guertin, MA, LCPC