Lisa Schmidt, EMT

Lisa Schmidt, EMT

Lisa Schmidt is a freelance writer and published poet. She regularly contributes to several blogs where she enjoys writing about volunteerism, holistic healing and finding authentic fulfillment. Here, Lisa shares her expertise on the topics of stress management, safety, pregnancy and pets.

Stress Management Background

Lisa is a certified Reiki practitioner and meditation instructor. She discovered a passion for holistic healing as a nursing student and has been helping others manage stress for more than 12 years. She continues to coach clients on eliminating stress and anxiety from their lives by teaching skills that empower them to create and maintain a more fulfilling way of life.

EMT and Life Support Instructor

Lisa began a career in patient care over 20 years ago as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, providing life-saving treatment in the field while educating others about the importance of safety. As a leader in her profession, Lisa quickly advanced to a licensed Basic Life Support Instructor, certifying other Emergency Personnel in life support techniques and procedures. Over the years, she also invested several hours providing CPR education in her community.

Pregnancy Expertise

As a medical professional, Lisa was trained to recognize complications of pregnancy while assisting patients through labor and delivery. Given her medical background and nearly 30 years of experience as a mother, Lisa has been an authority among friends and family who sought a reliable opinion during pregnancy over the last 25 years. She maintains a passion for empowering women to live their best life before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Lisa Schmidt, EMT