Cynthia Shearer

Cynthia Shearer

Cynthia Shearer is a seasoned freelance writer who enjoys crafting compelling articles on a variety of topics from home improvement to the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Her innate curiosity leads her to explore new subjects with enthusiasm and zeal. She currently focuses her writing on autism and autism spectrum disorders and sleep-related problems and disorders. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. 

Autism Work

Cynthia transitioned to mental health services in an effort to reach out to a greater number of people who could benefit from her academic background in behavioral psychology. For more than 20 years, she worked in:

  • Private community settings
  • Group homes
  • Residential facilities that served the needs of people with severe/profound intellectual disabilities

Understanding the needs of individuals with autism and developing positive behavioral support plans to address those needs was a full-time occupation for Cynthia for many years. Now she endeavors to write articles that give practical and helpful guidance to parents and caregivers of children and adults who are affected by autism.

Interest in Sleep Disorders

Sleep is an essential function of life, but its importance is sometimes overlooked. Lack of restful sleep is essential to day-to-day functioning and can have a tremendous impact on a person's mood and behavior. Chronic lack of rest can have a significant negative effect on overall health as well.

Practical Experience

Raising children with excessive energy who frequently had a lot of difficulty falling asleep prompted Cynthia to develop a better understanding of the neurological mechanisms of sleep and to explore alternative ways to help her children get a good night's rest. Following and writing about ongoing research is one of Cynthia's primary passions.


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