Shannon Boyce

Shannon Boyce

Shannon Boyce is a freelance writer and editor. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from York University with a major in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Writing. 

Certified Makeup Artist

Shannon is a makeup and beauty expert. Her love of makeup inspired her to create her own blog and YouTube channel, both focused on product reviews and tutorials. Her passion for makeup was then taken one step further. She became a Live Glam Certified Makeup Artist. This allowed her to learn more, improve her knowledge, and perfect her skills. It also made it possible for Shannon to share her passion in a whole new way.

Hair and Skin Care Experience

In addition to makeup application, trends, and tutorials, Shannon enjoys many other aspects of beauty. She has extensive experience writing about hairstyles, hair trends, and skin care. Her main goal is to improve the lives of her readers and clients. She does this by sharing her expertise and helping them improve their daily routines.


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