Carrie A. Watson

Carrie A. Watson

Carrie A. Watson is a journalist, freelance writer and health enthusiast with over twenty years of experience writing for various publications. She is an expert in health and integrative medicine with a background in biological science. She studied molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Health and Wellbeing Expertise

Carrie worked in the medical field for 26 years, learning how to care for our bodies properly and keep them vibrant. Throughout her years of experience, she has found that integrating many forms of medical therapies for optimum health and well-being is of utmost importance.

Integrated Medicine Proponent

Beginning her career by following her mother’s footsteps in the medical field, Carrie found a love for alternative methods when her son was a baby. With an infant who would not respond to common over-the-counter medicines to resolve a fever, Carrie turned to herbs to solve the problem. The fever was resolved, and the search for integrated medicine had become her passion.

Alternative Health Practices

Carrie has studied herbal and alternative health practices since that day in 1994. Thanks to the internet and some amazing, wise women in her area, she has since had the wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best herbalists and gardeners across the country.

More About Carrie A. Watson

To find out more about Carrie and her writing, visit her website and connect with her on LinkedIn.


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