Taayoo Murray

Taayoo Murray

Taayoo Murray is a New York City transplant who is a full-time boy mom, parenting writer, and teen goal-setting coach. She's also a published author of the interactive workbook, Making Me Happen. 

Teens and Kids

As a lifelong educator, parent and mother, Taayoo has worked with teens and kids for most of her professional life and designed a program that teaches teens how to become conscious goal setters. She is a dynamic youth coach and mentor. Taayoo has also worked as an Education Director, developing workshops for teachers and evaluating lesson plans.


Taayoo has worked professionally with families for years helping them understand internal dynamics and build successful relationships with their teens. She also hosts parenting workshops.


Taayoo holds an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management from the University of Leicester, and BSc in Hospitality Administration/Management. You can visit her on LinkedIn.

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