Causes of Increased Female Libido After Miscarriage

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What can be a cause of increased female libido after miscarriage? Little information is available about libido after losing a baby, but some ideas can help your sort through the troubling experience.

Decreased Libido After Miscarriage

A decreased sex drive after having a miscarriage is normal and quite common. The low mood and sadness that naturally follow such a loss can cause a woman to lose energy as well as interest in sex. Grief can disrupt a person's desire and a sense of loss can be a source of stress in a relationship.

Hormonal changes after losing a baby can also play a role in loss of libido. At one moment, the woman is experiencing the hormonal shifts associated with pregnancy and the next moment, the shift takes a dramatic turn. Christine Webber is a psychotherapist who looks at this topic in Sexual Desire and Your Hormones. Unfortunately, as Webber points out in the article, little information is available about libido after miscarriage.

The connection between miscarriage and low libido is reasonable, but what could be a cause of increased female libido after miscarriage?

Cause of Increased Female Libido After Miscarriage

Some women may experience increased libido after having a miscarriage and this can occur because of hormonal shifts. Hormones are not the only consideration to make, however. Some things to consider if a woman is experiencing an increase in sex drive after losing a baby include:

  • How long the woman was pregnant
  • Relationship Issues
  • Desire to have another baby

Stage of Pregnancy

How far along was the pregnancy? Women who lose a baby early in the pregnancy may be less affected than women who experience a miscarriage at seven months or later, which is actually a stillbirth. Physical changes associated with pregnancy are more pronounced as the pregnancy continues and they may not disappear right after losing the baby. The physical changes can be somber reminders of the loss, which can decrease libido. Having a miscarriage early in the first trimester does not carry this type of reminder and the loss may not lessen sex drive.

Relationship Issues

Did the loss put a strain on the relationship or bring the couple closer together? Some women may experience an increase in libido as they make close connections to their partners after a loss. If the couple is supportive of one another and they focus on trying to conceive another baby, sexual desire may increase.

Desire to Conceive

A woman's sex drive may increase as she stays focused on trying to conceive rather than focusing on the loss. However, this very drive can be a great source of stress in a relationship as well.

Dealing With Changes in Libido

Whether you are among the quiet population that experiences increased sex drive after miscarrying or you are trying to deal with decreased drive, it helps to recognize that libido depends upon much more than hormonal shifts. Psychological, emotional, and relationship issues each play a significant role in sex drive.

Getting help and support for changes in libido can be part of miscarriage aftercare. Dealing with this issue after experiencing a miscarriage can be difficult and consulting a doctor or therapist may be a good idea if the issue is causing excessive stress or depression.

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Causes of Increased Female Libido After Miscarriage