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Your wellness journey is uniquely your own. It is informed by your history, inspired by your community, and shaped by the questions, curiosities, and challenges you face along the way. No matter what stage you are at in your experience, the LoveToKnow Health & Wellness team is here to guide you through it all.

Our Mission

LoveToKnow Health & Wellness is on a mission to help our readers lead happier, healthier, and more balanced lives. We provide you with evidence-based guidance to help you make the important real-life decisions that you face every day.

Our goal is not to steer you in one direction or another. Instead, we respect your ability to define your own priorities and values. So, we provide the information that you need to implement practical strategies that align with your lifestyle and goals. We deliver actionable tips, expert insights, and science-backed knowledge so that you feel empowered to make confident, educated choices.

Our Process

At LoveToKnow Health and Wellness, our writers and in-house experts are passionate about empowering readers through knowledge by providing trustworthy resources and the reliable support needed to inspire real change.

Editorial Policy

In addition to following LoveToKnow's Editorial and Advertising Policy, we are committed to an editorial process for health and wellness that includes four foundational pillars.

  • Expert content. Our articles are written by subject matter experts, including personal trainers, registered dietitians, therapists and other mental health experts, nurses, and physicians. On each article, you’ll find an author byline with a link to their credentials so you know exactly where the information is coming from.

  • Rigorous review. As part of an ongoing process, each piece of content undergoes an editorial review process that includes fact-checking and primary source evaluation to ensure that only high-quality sources and the best clinical evidence is used.

  • Transparency for the reader. We trust that you may have questions about where our information comes from, so we provide links to the sources that we use. These sources may include recent studies published in peer-reviewed journals, clinical guidelines from medical organizations like the American College of Cardiology (ACC) or the American Psychological Association (APA), or position stands from organizations such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

  • Continuous monitoring. The health and wellness arena is constantly changing and our goal is always to provide information that reflects current standards and guidelines. Our experts are active in their fields and are constantly monitoring each space so that they can provide content that is up to date.

Standards and Values

At LoveToKnow Health & Wellness we believe that healthy bodies come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and that your path to wellness can start at any age. We seek to include a wide range of voices and perspectives to reflect the diversity of our readers.

We are also committed to the concept that everybody has an inherent right to health and wellness. We shape our content in line with this commitment to accessibility. We decode complex topics using easy-to-understand language so that if your expertise falls outside of the health arena, it does not serve as a barrier to knowledge or empowerment. In providing guidance, we also provide a range of alternatives for readers with different levels of income, ability, and education.

Medical Disclaimer

The information on this site is intended for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and should not serve as a substitute for medical treatment or care. For personalized medical or health guidance, always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider. For more information, please consult our Terms of Use.

Our Leadership

To ensure that every LoveToKnow article offers advice you can trust, our writers and editors are carefully screened for expertise and communication skills. Editors review every article to make sure it achieves our goal of providing the most expert advice on the web.

The leadership at LoveToKnow Health & Wellness and LoveToKnow Media includes industry leaders and experts.

Howard Love: Founder

Howard founded LoveToKnow Media in 2005 with the mission of making the world smarter. He’s been founding, funding, and managing startups for over 30 years. His first book, The Startup J-Curve, drew praise from Entrepreneur, Inc, MSNBC, and Venturebeat.

Ethan Trex: Chief Executive Officer

Ethan joined YourDictionary in 2021 and is now CEO of LoveToKnow Media. Before that, he spent 11 years at Mental Floss as President and Editorial Director.

Debbie Vasen: Chief Content Officer

Debbie currently leads all content initiatives and directives for LoveToKnow Media. Her passion for content and digital products combine in her ideas and strategies to enhance our offerings.

Carrie Grosevener: Managing Editor

Carrie has worked with LoveToKnow since 2008. As the managing editor, she oversees a team of writers, editors, and image specialists to produce content for LoveToKnow.com and LoveToKnow Health & Wellness.

Malia Frey: Editor, Health and Wellness

Malia oversees the writers and experts at LoveToKnow Health & Wellness. She has over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and is currently an American Council on Exercise (ACE)-certified health coach, personal trainer, fitness nutrition ​specialist, weight management specialist, and behavior change specialist.

Our Company

LoveToKnow Media has been a trusted resource for audiences around the world for over a decade. We believe that the good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge. We empower expansive and global audiences with clear, credible, and comprehensive content that informs and inspires. Beyond LoveToKnow Health & Wellness, you’ll also find us at the following web properties.

LoveToKnow: Clear, comprehensive, and credible, our content celebrates curiosity and satiates inquiring minds. LoveToKnow is the digital destination for the information you need and love to know.

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GolfLink: The most inclusive online golf community, GolfLink offers players of every skill level access to resources to enjoy the game, including information on more than 20,000 golf courses and tee times.

Bibliography: Take the stress out of citations with a quick, automatic, and easy-to-use bibliography maker. Any project can be top-notch with Bibliography.

WordList Finder: Invoking over 163,000 entries from Webster's New World dictionary to craft perfect word lists—strategizing in a word game, preparing a vocabulary lesson, or seeking rhyming words is as easy as typing in your letters.

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