What Are the Best Liquid Calcium Supplements?

Liquid calcium supplements

Calcium is important to maintain strong bones and teeth, and for your muscles and nerves to work properly. Liquid calcium supplements can provide much of the calcium you need on a daily basis. Most of these supplements taste great and dissolve easily because they are already in liquid form. Look for supplements that can be taken in smaller amounts, as calcium is best absorbed when you limit your intake to 500 mg at once. With some supplements, you may split up your dosages to two to three times throughout the day to get the full amount you need and to provide the best chances for absorption.

Types of Calcium Supplements

Liquid calcium supplements are convenient, and you can buy them without a prescription. Calcium is often combined with other elements to form compounds, so you may see calcium labeled in various forms when you try to purchase supplements. Some types of calcium compounds you may find include:

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium citrate
  • Calcium lactate
  • Calcium phosphate

What to Consider

Read labels carefully to determine how much calcium you will actually be getting through your supplement. Most supplements consist of elemental calcium, which is the amount of calcium your body will absorb.

Elemental Calcium

You can find the amount of elemental calcium on the list of ingredients on the container. It is important to remember that just because a liquid supplement is labeled as calcium, this mineral may only be part of the compound, but may not have much elemental calcium to meet your daily needs. Calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are two compounds that contain the most elemental calcium.

What to Avoid

Avoid supplements made from bone meal, oyster shells or dolomite. These types of supplements have very little elemental calcium. Additionally, they may also have other toxic elements, such as lead and heavy metals.

Too Much Calcium

Just because a supplement offers a large amount of calcium, it does not mean it is necessarily the right type for you. Some supplements claim to provide very large amounts of calcium, but choose carefully to avoid taking too much. Avoid taking more the 2,500 mg of elemental calcium a day.

Daily Requirements

According to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, women and men between 19 and 50 years need 1,000 mg of calcium a day. This amount increases to 1,200 mg daily for women over 51 years. There are several options for liquid calcium supplements that will meet this daily amount.


Wellesse has a liquid calcium supplement that contains vitamin D, which is important for the body to absorb calcium. The Wellesse liquid calcium supplement contains calcium citrate, and two doses of the supplement each day are enough to provide 1,000 mg of calcium. The supplement has a citrus flavor to enhance taste and is fast-absorbing.


Caltrasil liquid calcium supplements provide calcium and other essential minerals for your daily diet, including vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus. Caltrasil is made from calcium carbonate and calcium citrate, and one tablespoon, taken two times a day, can provide 1,000 mg of calcium. It is available for purchase online.


Bluebonnet liquid calcium supplements are made from calcium citrate and contain magnesium and vitamin D. One serving of 2 tablespoons contains 1,200 mg of calcium. It is available in six different flavors, such as mixed berry, raspberry or blueberry, and it is gluten-free. You can purchase Bluebonnet online or at some health-food stores.

Considering Your Options

There are many different options available for choosing a liquid supplement to meet your needs. Because calcium is so important for your body, if you cannot get enough of it through your diet, you may want to consider a supplement to help to prevent some illnesses and injuries. Read product labels carefully for additional ingredients that may be in some supplements and try to choose those that will absorb well. If you plan to use a supplement, you can decide how much calcium you need each day to find the brand that is right for you.

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What Are the Best Liquid Calcium Supplements?