Should You Try Chia Oil Capsules?

Chia provides more benefits than flax

Chia oil capsules pack more omega-3 oils into each dose than seeds alone. Yet do you really need to take that much? Are capsules worth the higher cost than purchasing chia seeds at a health food store or bulk chia oil?


Chia oil comes from a desert plant native to Central America called Salvia hispanica. Chia seeds keep well and contain excellent amounts of healthy fats, vitamins, and fiber. Several studies conducted on chia seeds demonstrate benefits for cardiovascular health, diabetes, and weight loss.

Chia contains a large dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, more than flax seed or other vegetarian sources of these heart-healthy essential fatty acids. Studies indicate that chia may reduce high blood pressure, help diabetics control blood sugar levels, and aid weight loss efforts. In reasonable doses, there are few, if any, side effects, and the benefits are many.

About Chia Oil Capsules

You can purchase chia in its natural seed form or grind them up and sprinkle them into bread mixes, yogurt, and many other foods. Some people prefer taking chia oil. Chia oil is available in liquid format, taken like old-fashioned cod liver oil by the tablespoonful, or as chia oil capsules.


Many people prefer chia oil capsules to the raw seeds or bulk oils. Capsules offer many benefits, including concentration of oils, convenience and consistency.

Each chia oil capsule concentrates the oils into a highly concentrated dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Although you can reap many benefits from eating the natural seeds, if you're taking chia primarily to obtain omega-3 fatty acids, oils or capsules provide a rich source of oils in one small pill.

Capsules provide a convenient way for busy people to take chia oil supplements. If you're taking a wide array of supplements, it may be difficult or unwise to take them all at once. Chia oil capsules can be easily transported using a pill carrier or supplement container, making it easy to take additional supplements while at work, school, or traveling. Capsules can be swallowed with a simple glass of water, and don't require messy measuring, pouring and mixing like oils.

To reap the benefits of any supplement, consistency is key. Taking the same dose daily, at the same time, for the recommended period of time ensure the maximum benefit from the supplement. Chia oil capsules provide the added benefit of a consistent, exact doses in pill form. It's easy to control the exact amount of the supplement you take without worrying about proper measuring.


One drawback to taking capsules or pure chia oil is that the oils lack the fiber of the whole seeds. Each serving of pure chia seed or ground chia seeds contains natural fiber, which aids weight loss by creating a feeling of fullness. Some experts believe that the fiber in chia seeds aids diabetics by slowing the passage of food through the intestines and better regulating the sugars entering the bloodstream through digestion. By taking chia capsules, you may lose the potential weight loss and diabetic-related benefits.Another disadvantage of chia oil capsules in cost. Bulk oils and seeds may be more economical than capsules. Capsules require more manufacturing and packaging, all adding onto the costs. One can usually obtain chia seeds at the health food store or supermarket for much less money than purchasing bottles of pills or supplements. Plus, if you're taking many vitamins and supplements, adding one more to the mix may be just too many pills to swallow. Since chia seeds provide many benefits too, and they're easily mixed into many foods, some people may prefer using the whole or ground seeds over oils.

How to Select Capsules

There's a wide array of capsules to choose from among the many products displayed at the store. How do you choose the best supplement? Here are some considerations before you purchase chia oil supplements.

Avoid Artificial Ingredients

If you're taking chia for improved health, then why add artificial colors and ingredients to your body? Some companies take shortcuts on quality and may add dyes to their products or preservatives. Chia stores very well, so you can avoid products containing preservatives. Look at the ingredient list and make sure that the oil and the capsule materials contain nothing artificial.

Vegetarian Capsules

It's important that people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet check the ingredient list on the capsules. Although the oil itself is derived from a plant, typical materials used to create soft gel capsules include gelatin. Manufacturers make gelatin from cows. Vegetarian alternatives are available, but you need to check the labels to make sure you are not inadvertently eating animal products. Expect to pay a little bit more for products certified as vegetarian.

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Should You Try Chia Oil Capsules?