Easy Aromatherapy Recipes


Learning the details of using essential oils can take time, but there are easy aromatherapy recipes that anyone can make. Using these mixtures is a simple way to begin using aromatherapy techniques in your home.

Aromatherapy for the Home

It is simple to make your own cleaning products and add a personal touch with essential oils. You can create mixtures that will create a cheerful mood, kill bacteria, or prevent moths and other pests from taking over your home. If you have a diffuser you can leave out the water and just add the oil mixture to your diffuser.

Room Sprays

Use room sprays to disinfect, create a fresh scent or change the mood. Add the desired oils to two ounces of distilled water. To make a long-lasting fragrance spray, use one ounce of water and one ounce of vodka. Keep the mixture in a small spray bottle and store in a dark place. It will last indefinitely.

  • For concentration:
    • Ten drops of rosemary
    • Ten drops of spearmint
    • Ten drops of lime
    • Ten drops of basil
  • For SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the blues which are common in winter:
    • Ten drops orange
    • Fourteen drops tangerine
    • Sixteen drops ginger
  • For energy:
    • Ten drops black pepper
    • Ten drops cinnamon
    • Ten drops orange
  • For insomnia
    • Five drops clary sage
    • Two drops lavender
    • Ten drops roman chamomile
    • Five drops bergamot
    • Five drops neroli
  • Disinfectant
    • Five drops cinnamon
    • Five drops lemon
    • Five drops tangerine
    • Five drops orange
    • Five drops eucalyptus
    • Ten drops lavender
    • Ten drops tea tree
    • Ten drops grapefruit

Cleaning Supplies

You can also add essential oils to homemade cleaning supplies. A base of equal amounts of cider vinegar and water with a tablespoon of liquid castile soap makes a wonderful cleaning solution. Add the essential oil combinations above or try some of these:

  • Disinfectant cleaner with a fresh scent:
    • Ten drops grapefruit
    • Ten drops lemon
    • Ten drops tangerine
    • Five drops ginger
    • Five drops tea eucalyptus
  • To deter moths and other pests:
    • Ten drops lavender
    • Ten drops lemongrass
    • Five drops cedarwood
    • Five drops tea tree
    • Five drops patchouli
    • Five drops tea tree

Freshen Carpets

Here are easy aromatherapy recipes to freshen and repel fleas in carpets. Just use a one pound box of baking soda for the base. Add essential oils and sprinkle on carpets. Allow to stand for one hour before vacuuming.

  • To repel fleas:
    • Three drops pennyroyal
    • Two drops lavender
    • Five drops eucalyptus
    • Five drops cedarwood
    • Ten drops citronella
  • To freshen:
    • Two drops jasmine
    • Three drops ylang ylang
    • Five drops bergamot
    • Five drops lemon
    • Five drops rosemary
    • 5 drops rose

Easy Aromatherapy Recipes for Personal Use

Using essential oils in massage oils and cosmetic products can change your mood, heal your body, and add fragrance. Essential oils blend well into unscented liquid soaps and shampoos as well as into the following carrier oils for massage:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Avocado oil

These are just a few of the possibilities for carrier oils to use in the following easy aromatherapy recipes.

Massage Combinations

Using a combined technique of aromatherapy and massage is a great way to relax. Different essential oils can create different moods.

  • Relaxing combination for women, especially during hormonal fluctuations:
aromatherapy massage
  • Five drops of rose
  • Five drops of sandalwood
  • Five drops of geranium
  • Two drops of clary sage
  • Sensual combination:
    • Five drops sandalwood
    • Five drops of ylang ylang
    • Two drops cinnamon
    • Three drops of vanilla
  • To calm a fussy baby:
    • Two drops of lavender

Various Blends

  • Depression:
    • Five drops lavender
    • Five drops bergamot
    • Five drops geranium
  • Stress
    • Two drops lavender
    • One drop ylang ylang
    • Two drops petitgrain
    • Two drops neroli
  • Refreshing
    • Five drops of rosemary
    • Two drops of peppermint
    • Two drops of neroli

Using Aromatherapy

Using aromatherapy in your home can help you to maintain a pleasant atmosphere as well as create an uplifting mood. Whether you need to relax, energize, or improve your mood, essential oils can help encourage these qualities in your environment.

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Easy Aromatherapy Recipes