Frankincense Raw Powder Uses and Benefits

Updated July 23, 2019
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Frankincense raw powder has several uses that can be used in combination with herbs, spices and oils. This tree resin has been used since ancient times by many cultures in medicinal treatments.

All About Frankincense

Frankincense comes from the Bosweillia tree, which is found in Oman, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, the southern Arabian Peninsula, and India. Frankincense raw powder itself comes from the hardened oleo resin of the Bosweillia trees. To obtain the oleo gum, slits are cut in the bark of the trees and a milk-white fluid leaks out. This fluid is collected and hardened. The hardened fluid is sometimes referred to as frankincense tears.

Appearance and Aroma

The hardened tears are whitish, whitish-yellow or have a greenish tinge, depending on the variety of Bosweillia tree they're extracted. The tears have a pleasant, sweet and woody aroma that smells slightly of camphor. When rubbed together, the tears give off a little bit of powder.

Frankincense Raw Powder

Frankincense tears can be ground down into raw powder. The powder is also known as Boswellia extract. The color, scent and character of the powder will depend on the type of Bosweillia tree from which the resin was drawn.

Different Uses of Frankincense Raw Powder

Frankincense was a common medicinal treatment for many ailments in ancient times. These include ulcers, fevers, chest coughs, hypertension, and even recovery from childbirth.

Disclaimer for Frankincense

You should always check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner before taking frankincense raw powder or frankincense in any form. This is especially true if you're on medications, such as antidepressents or blood thinners, pregnant, or lactating. Some people can have an allergic reaction. The health benefits of frankincense haven't been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The following examples are not intended to advise for the treatment, diagnosis, prevention or curing of any disease.


Frankincense is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. Ayurvedic medicine uses frankincense in a variety of forms for the treatment of arthritis. Banyan Botanicals offers raw frankincense powder for joint pain and other inflammations. The recommended dosage is to take ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the powder with warm water. This dosage is taken once or twice daily unless you're directed otherwise by your health practitioner.

Pain Relief

There are other ways you can use frankincense for pain relief that you can make. Simple Life Mom offers a simple and easy recipe using only ½ cup of frankincense for an extract oil. She takes 1 tsp daily for joint pain with her doctor's approval.

Immune System Booster

The sap from which the powder comes from is part of the tree's immune system. The frankincense raw powder is used for enhancing immune functions much like it's used for anti-inflammatory and pain treatments. You need to be under the care of a medical professional, such as a doctor or a naturopathic doctor or practitioner, in order to safely use frankincense internally. S/he will then recommend the proper dosage if this is prescribed. Frankincense can negatively interact with medications, so don't self-administer.

Heal Wounds

Frankincense powder is used in herbal pastes and plasters to treat open wounds. The frankincense powder is mixed with the powders of myrrh and aloe. This treatment has been a standby herbal antiseptic home remedy for centuries. A salve was typically made using olive oil and frankincense powder. Beeswax was added as a thickening agent. Joybilee Farm offers a frankincense and myrrh salve recipe, that requires ½ cup each of frankincense and myrrh powders.

Antibiotic and Antifungal Uses

Frankincense powder is believed to have antibiotic and antifungal properties. Frankincense powder has been used for centuries as a wound treatment with topical applications.

Insect Repellent

The powder (and resin) of frankincense is believed to have insect repellent properties. Toss in about a 1/8 of teaspoon of frankincense powder with other burning herbs to repel insects, such as malaria or Zika carrying mosquitoes. In ancient times, the raw powder was burned to successfully reduce malaria outbreaks.

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Oral Hygiene

Frankincense powder can be mixed in small amounts similar to sprinkling salt from a salt shaker into toothpaste to strengthen teeth and gums, as well as to refresh the mouth. Frankincense has been used successfully to treat gingivitis.

Digestive Aid

Reader's Digest reports frankincense aids the digestive juices through stomach muscle stimulation. This powerful resin also helps the body to expel liver and kidney toxins. A decoction of frankincense powder with cardamom and cinnamon is believed to soothe digestive upset.

Improve Memory

Powder ground from the resin has been added to coffee to increase stimulant effects and improve memory. A study publish in 2016 demonstrated that frankincense improved impaired memory in rats. A teaspoon of frankincense raw powder steeped overnight in a cup of water is an ancient medicinal treatment for all manner of ailments.

Treatment for Headaches and Mental Ailments

Burning the resin or powder and "fumigating" various body parts is believed to be a treatment for headaches and mental issues. To burn frankincense, you can place a teaspoon of frankincense raw powder on a smoldering charcoal tablet or round. As the frankincense burns, it releases the essential oils that are then absorbed through the pores and nostrils.

Childbirth Recovery

In ancient cultures, frankincense powder was burned for over a month after a birth. The mother would fumigate herself with the burning frankincense powder. This practice was believed to restore muscle tone as well as help heal and speed recovery from childbirth.

Lung Infections

Burning the powder and breathing it in can help to reduce congestion. Use about 1/8 teaspoon of frankincense powder with other herbs or on a charcoal round. Stand about two feet away from the smoke. You don't want to inhale the smoke directly. The process of burning the frankincense powder releases the beneficial essential oils into the air.

Where You Can Find Frankincense Powder

This powder can be hard to find. It can be found in capsule form as Boswellia extract. Most health food stores carry Boswellia extract capsules. Sources of pure frankincense powder include:

  • Star West Botanicals offers both frankincense tears and powder. The powder is slightly more expensive than the tears. It's sold in 4 oz to 1 lb sizes. Around $12 to $33.
  • SomaLuna offers frankincense African powder in 1 oz size for around $3.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs sells both frankincense powder and the resin. Their products are certified organic, certified kosher and free from irradiation and ozone. They also advertise that all of their products are ethically harvested in the wild. The frankincense is sold 4 oz to 1 lb for around $11 to $30.

Finding and Using Frankincense Raw Powder

The ancient resin of frankincense in the form of raw powder has been used for countless illnesses, afflictions and ailments. Modern science is attempting to understand what these properties are and how they are able to heal the human body.

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Frankincense Raw Powder Uses and Benefits