Why You Should Use Niacin Cream

Niacin Skin Strengthening and Repair Cream
Niacin Skin Strengthening and Repair Cream

Niacin cream is a viable option in skincare products. Taking care of your skin is a full-time job. Eating sensibly and drinking lots of water are both good things to do for your skin, but that does not guarantee you will be free of skin problems. In the winter months or very dry seasons, those glasses of water may not make a difference on the outer layer of skin. In your teens and twenties, you may battle acne. In your forites and beyond, you may notice a few lines and wrinkles.

Choosing Skincare Products

There are so many products to choose from when it comes to skincare all offering a bevy of potential benefits to your skin. Some promise extra hydration, some assure their mixture of vitamins and antioxidants will leave you looking fabulous, and some tout extra luminosity. There are so many choices and so many opinions. New products make all sorts of promises, and it is sometimes hard to distinguish truth from fiction.

Something relatively new has come to the world of skin care and shows great promise: niacin cream. Recent studies suggest that it may improve your skin tone and its texture, helping to repair, to some degree, damage from sun exposure and helping to keep skin hydrated.

Niacin is also purported to restore skin's elasticity and smooth wrinkles, reduce redness, and improve the appearance of sallowness or yellowing. With all of the benefits, niacin seems to be the skin-care answer for all age groups. With one product, you can battle the redness associated with acne while preventing future crows feet and laugh lines.

Using Niacin Cream

The American Academy of Dermatology recognizes products that contain niacin (vitamin B3), as well as panthenol (vitamin B5), as useful ingredients in fighting photoaging, which is premature aging of the skin.

If you spend (or spent) your youth baking in the sun to get the perfect tan, you should consider using a niacin-containing product to undo the sun damage on your skin. Products that contain niacin are widely known to help your body retain moisture, and retaining moisture is key in preventing skin irritation. Preventing skin irritation helps skin look younger and feel better. Further, vitamins B3 and B5 help remove dead skin cells, which helps your skin look healthy.

Products that Contain Niacin

Skin products that contain niacin are still relatively new to the marketplace. Side effects are generally minimal, though many may not have been widely reported because these products are new. Oral niacin may cause skin irritation and redness, but that irritation is not reproduced with topical niacin products.

Niacin creams are available in most retail outlets, including department stores, drug stores, and cosmetics companies. Products may also be purchased from your dermatologist, and through online distributors. Niacin is even available in over-the-counter products with names that you recognize. Olay, for example, offers Olay Professional Pro-X, Olay Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion, and Olay Age Defying Body Wash with Vita Niacin. Several of these products come in a variety of formulas, allowing you to choose the best application for you.

Niacin Skin Cream

Specialty companies also sell products that contain niacin, such as NIA24, though these products can be more expensive than the creams that you purchase at drug stores. Amazon.com offers a selection of creams and lotions, such as Swanson for $8.99 for two ounces and higher-priced lotions, such as NIA24 for $69.00 for 1.7 ounces.

Many of your favorite brands offer products that contain niacin, including facial cleansers, facial scrubs, and body washes. Use the products as recommended on the instructions of the item you purchase. Some products recommend a once-per-day application, though those instructions may vary based on your need and the product application.

Trying Niacin Products

If you think these products can help you look younger or help repair damage done to your skin, invest some time and money in niacin products. Many people, including some of America's dermatologist, think that niacin may be a part of healthy, happy skin.

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Why You Should Use Niacin Cream