8 Foods High in Riboflavin



One of the keys to good health is riboflavin, but can you get riboflavin in foods and avoid having to take a bunch of vitamins?

Many delicious foods contain riboflavin - or vitamin B2. This essential water-soluble vitamin acts in the body as an antioxidant to help fight free radicals. Riboflavin also reduces the risk of a number of diseases including stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer and heart disease.

Beef Liver


One of the best sources of riboflavin is beef or calf's liver. Liver contains 1.71 mg of riboflavin in a three ounce serving.

Beef liver is also a good source of protein and vitamin A.

The Rest of the Cow


While beef liver is the best food source of riboflavin, the rest of the cow is no slouch, either. Beef contains .19 mg of riboflavin per three ounce serving, and raw unpasteurized milk contains .34 mg.

Other nutrients in beef include protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, zinc and selenium. Milk is a good source of calcium, magnesium and vitamins A and D.



Crunchy, delicious almonds are also a decent source of riboflavin, coming in at .24 mg per one once serving. Choose raw almonds for best results.

Almonds are also a good source of healthy fats and vitamin E.



Sweet asparagus, eaten fresh when it is in season, is another decent source of riboflavin in food. Six spears of asparagus contains .13 mg of riboflavin.

Asparagus is also an excellent food source for vitamin K, vitamin C and folate.



If you're a broccoli lover, then you'll be delighted to know that broccoli counts riboflavin as part of its nutrition-packed profile. One cup of steamed fresh broccoli has .18 mg of riboflavin.

Broccoli is also an excellent source of vitamins A, K, C and folate.



Breakfast lovers rejoice! When you serve up eggs for breakfast, you're also getting some riboflavin. One large egg - cooked any way - has .27 mg of riboflavin.

Eggs are also a good source of selenium and iodine.



Not only do mushrooms impart flavors of earth and umami to your dinner, but they also impart riboflavin to your body. One cup of raw mushrooms has .29 mg of riboflavin.

If you eat more mushrooms, you'll also be getting more selenium and copper.



If it's seafood you love, then you're in luck. Wild-caught salmon is not only rich in healthy fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids, but it also contains a healthy dose of riboflavin with .13 mg per three ounce serving.



It was good for Popeye, and it's good for you. That's because dark leafy spinach is full of healthy goodness including .18 mg of riboflavin per one cup of cooked spinach.

Spinach is also loaded with vitamins A and K, manganese, folate and magnesium.

A Healthy Lifestyle


By making these healthy foods and other vitamin B rich foods part of your regular diet, you can realize the benefits of riboflavin and a healthier lifestyle.

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8 Foods High in Riboflavin