This Salty Green Goddess Smoothie Helps Curb Food Cravings - and It Tastes Amazing

Published May 4, 2022
Woman making a green smoothie

Struggling with food cravings? Start your day with a salty green smoothie. This salty green goddess smoothie recipe by holistic nutritionist celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque is packed with superfood ingredients. And it delivers on taste.

LeVeque's salty smoothie recipe uses her signature Fab Four™ formula to help you stay fuller longer while promoting healthy blood sugar levels. LeVeque explains that her Fab Four™ formula contains important components to support balanced blood sugar levels, including protein, fat, fiber and greens.

"Protein keeps blood sugar levels steady," LeVeque explains. "When eaten with a meal, fat slows the absorption of your meal, which helps you avoid steep blood sugar spikes." Like fat, fiber slows the absorption of nutrients, specifically glucose. LeVeque also recommends adding greens to smoothies for added vitamins and minerals. "Green vegetables contain magnesium, which is critical for the maintenance of normal insulin metabolism and regulation of healthy blood sugar levels."

Make This Salty Green Smoothie Your Go-To Recipe to Stop Cravings

happy woman drinking a green smoothie

LeVeque's salty green smoothie recipe combines ingredients like spirulina, chlorella, hemp hearts, cashews and avocado which are full of essential vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon and a pinch of salt add a burst of unexpected flavor. And this recipe also is packed with protein to help curb food cravings.

Spirulina, a source of naturally-occurring protein, is considered a superfood. Chlorella is a freshwater single-cell algae that also has naturally-occurring protein and iron. Hemp hearts are considered a complete source of protein because they contain amino acids that are foundational for all proteins.* Healthy fats from avocado and cashews add creaminess to this satisfying breakfast smoothie.

Gather Your Ingredients

Prepare Your Salty Green Goddess Smoothie

  1. Add all ingredients to a blender
  2. Blend on high for 45 to 60 seconds
  3. Enjoy!

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This Salty Green Goddess Smoothie Helps Curb Food Cravings - and It Tastes Amazing