Why Should I Take Vitamin E Suppositories?

Vitamin E suppositories
Carlson Key-e Suppositories

Soothe minor internal irritations naturally with vitamin E suppositories. While commercial availability is limited compared to other types of suppositories, it may be worth the extra search effort depending on your needs.

About Vitamin E Suppositories

Given the relatively few commercial products available in this space, scientific documentation of the benefits of vitamin E suppositories is lacking. It's believed the suppository form of the vitamin may:

  • Promote more rapid absorption of vitamin E than orally ingesting vitamin supplements.
  • Provide relief to inflamed vaginal or rectal tissues.
  • Soothe dry vaginal tissues in post-menopausal women, either as a supplement or alternative to estrogen therapy.
  • Relieve other symptoms of menopause, including regulation and control of hot flashes, night sweats and palpitations.
  • Act as an alternative to traditional suppositories and wipes that treat hemorrhoids
  • Provide an alternative mode of vitamin delivery for patients who tend to vomit or have upset stomachs.

Whole Body Benefits

Vitamin E benefits almost the entire body. The vitamin is an antioxidant, protecting the body from physical and mental signs of aging, as well as reducing the frequency of illnesses. The vitamin helps the immune system function healthfully and helps individual cells withstand damage. Vitamin E helps in the repair of genes and other bodily tissues. The nutrient also benefits the circulatory system, aiding in blood clotting and helping to produce new blood cells. Vitamin E can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Possible Placebo Effect

While vitamin E's nutritional benefits are well proven, some studies have shown the nutrient's ability to treat symptoms of menopause have been insignificant. Menopause sufferers who took a placebo have shown similar results as those who took the actual vitamin in scientific studies. On the other hand, there haven't been any studies showing that vitamin E has negative effects on menopause either.

How to Use

The suggested frequency of usage of Vitamin E in suppository form is once daily or as needed to provide relief as described above. Simply remove the foil packaging surrounding the suppository and insert it in the vagina or rectum. Once inserted, the medicine dissolves into the body and begins to work at the site where it's most needed. Store suppositories at room temperature, or if they have softened, put them in the refrigerator.


  • Carlson Key E Suppositories with Natural Vitamin E: Combines vitamin E with coconut and palm oils. Comes in packs of 12 and 24 suppositories.
  • Wise Woman Herbals Antiox Suppositories: Formery called Vitamin E Suppositories, this product comes in jars of 10, 30 and 90 suppositories. Each contains 20 drops of vitamin E in a base of cocoa butter.

Given the similar list of ingredients, you might be tempted to use vitamin E gel capsules as suppositories -- that is, inserting pills intended for oral consumtion into a lower orifice. While this practice certainly isn't recommended, negative results haven't been documented anywhere.

A Good Bet

Wherever you buy it, and regardless of the type you choose, suppositories containing vitamin E provide a host of health benefits without unnatural ingredients. The positive effects of this type of supplement are only just beginning to be discovered.

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Why Should I Take Vitamin E Suppositories?