7 Impressive Benefits of the B12 Shot

Benefits of the B12 Shot


What are the benefits of the B12 shot? Many people go to their doctor's office to seek out vitamin B12 injections on a regular basis. That's because B12 injections may offer a number of benefits.

Better Absorbency, More Potency


B12 injections are more readily accessible and more potent than orally administered vitamin B12. That's because the vitamin isn't degraded by going through your digestive tract and coming into contact with digestive fluids like saliva, bile, stomach acid and other enzymes. Instead, the vitamin B12 enters your blood stream rapidly at full potency and is immediately available to your body.

Stress Reduction


Vitamin B12 may help reduce stress. B12 is included in a number of stress reduction formulas, and the injectable form of the vitamin just may help soothe your stress in the midst of a busy life.

Healthy Skin


One of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is dull, tired looking skin. Vitamin B12 injections can help to quickly reverse this deficiency, which may lead to brighter, healthier looking skin.

Increased Energy


Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in cell metabolism. Because of this, one of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is reduced energy. People who take vitamin B12 injections report increased levels of energy almost immediately following their injection.

Increased Brain Function


Memory and concentration often start to dwindle in the absence of sufficient vitamin B12. Injections can help by increasing the amount of this nutrient in your blood stream. People who receive B12 injections report decreased brain fuzziness, as well as increased concentration and mental acuity.

Treat Pernicious Anemia


Deficiencies of vitamin B12 can result from pernicious anemia, a condition that hinders intestinal absorption of the nutrient. B12 injections, which bypass the digestive system, are an effective treatment.

Weight Loss


There is evidence that vitamin B12 injections may assist in the process of weight loss. This is due to B12's effect on cellular metabolism. While not a miracle treatment, vitamin B12 injections can be a part of a healthy weight loss regimen.

Are B12 Injections Right for You


Are vitamin B12 injections right for you? A careful evaluation to determine what are the benefits of the B12 shot as well as potential side effects can help you to determine whether the advantages of these injections outweigh the risks.

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7 Impressive Benefits of the B12 Shot