Enzymes, Vitamins, and Minerals in Pineapple

Ripe pineapples are a good source of vitamins.

With a sweet yet tangy tropical taste, you may be surprised to learn what vitamins are in pineapple. Sometimes we associate terms like healthy or good-for-you with foods that lack taste, but pineapples are full of flavor, vitamins and minerals. Pineapple not only tastes great, it's good for you!

Enzymes in Pineapple

Along with vitamins and minerals, eating raw, fresh pineapple or drinking fresh pineapple juice provides a number of beneficial enzymes to your diet.



Enzymes found in pineapple include bromelain, which is believed to help reduce inflammation. Other unsubstantiated claims include things like:

  • Helps with the digestion of protein
  • Helps prevent blood clots
  • Reduction of certain types of tumor growth
  • Help improve circulation

Bromelain can also be purchased as a supplement and is sometimes called pineapple enzyme.

Benefits of Enzymes

The enzymes found in pineapple have been used to treat a number of health conditions including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Plaque build up from arteries

What Vitamins Are in Pineapple

If you want to take full advantage of what vitamins are in pineapple, it is best eaten when the fruit is at the peak of ripeness. Ripe pineapples are an excellent source of vitamin C which you need for a healthy immune system. The most prominent vitamins found in pineapple include:

  • Vitamin A: 96 IU
  • Vitamin B1: .13 mg
  • Vitamin B2: .053 mg
  • Niacin: .825 mg
  • Folate: .30 mcg
  • Panthothenic Acid: .351 mg
  • Vitamin B6: .185 mg
  • Vitamin C: 78.9 mg
  • Vitamin E: .03 mg
  • Vitamin K: 1.2 mcg

Minerals in Pineapple

Along with enzymes and vitamins, pineapple is rich in minerals. It is an outstanding source of manganese. If you eat just 1 cup of fresh pineapple you'll supply the following minerals to your diet.

  • Potassium: 180 mg
  • Phosphorus: 13 mg
  • Magnesium: 20 mg
  • Calcium: 21 mg
  • Sodium: 2 mg
  • Iron: .48 mg
  • Selenium: .2 mcg
  • Magnanese: 1.53 mg
  • Copper: .181 mg
  • Zinc: .2 mg

Along with these minerals, trace amounts of several other minerals are also found in pineapple.

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Enzymes, Vitamins, and Minerals in Pineapple