Handy Printable Menstrual Cycle Chart

Menstrual cycle chart

If you are trying to keep track of your periods to plan your schedule, figure out the best days to conceive, or for other reasons, keeping a menstrual cycle chart will help you do this. Charting your cycle can be as simple as marking off the days of your bleeding on a calendar, or you can download and use this printable menstrual chart.

A Printable Menstrual Chart

Menstrual Cycle Chart
Download a printable menstrual chart.

This printable chart is easy to use and maintain. You can record and view 12 months of periods on one chart. You can also use the chart to help you track your fertile days, when your next period is due, and the length of each cycle.

Download the Chart

To download the menstrual chart:

  1. Click on the image to open the PDF file.
  2. Download and save the chart on your computer or print it.

Follow this guide if you need help using Adobe to download a printable PDF file.

How to Use the Chart

To use the menstrual chart, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the year on the line at the top right of the chart. If you start the chart in February or after, there is a line on which to enter the following year.
  2. Mark the days you have your period with an "X" in the box corresponding to the day and month
  3. If you get spotting/very light bleeding, use an "S" to mark the box.
  4. Mark boxes with a "P" on the days you take birth control pills or any other hormone pills that affect your menstrual cycles.
  5. If you are trying to get pregnant, mark the box with an "I" on the days you have intercourse. This will help you keep track of timing intercourse on your fertile days if you are trying to get pregnant.
  6. On days you need to record two events, divide the box in half diagonally.
  7. Use the "YOUR NOTES" section to record additional information
  8. Take a copy of your menstrual chart with you when you go to see your gynecologist, especially if you are having problems such as irregular bleeding or infertility. A doctor can immediately get valuable information about your pattern of bleeding from this chart.

Finding Other Menstrual Cycle Trackers

You can find other styles of printable menstrual charts, electronic calendars you can fill in online, electronic next period calculators, and smart phone menstrual tracker apps.

  • From the Free Printable Medical Forms, you can download a free menstruation cycle tracker. Like the LoveToKnow chart, you print and complete the tracker offline. For $3.99 you can get the version you can edit and fill in online.
  • This Excel-based Menstrual Cycle Calendar and Period Tracker from Vertex42 lets you enter the days of your period online or download the calendar and print it to use offline. If you are familiar with Excel, use your spreadsheet data to calculate the date of your next period. There is also a Google sheets version of this calendar.
  • The Tampax Period Calendar allows you to calculate online when your next period is due. To do this, enter the date of the first day of your last period, the number of days of bleeding, and your menstrual cycle length in the appropriate boxes. Click "TRACK IT" to display the expected date of your next period for future months and your most fertile days.
  • The Period Tracker Lite is a smart phone app available from the iTunes App store. Use this mobile app to input the events of your menstrual cycles. You will be able to keep track of your fertile days, when your next period is due, your menstrual symptoms, and other valuable information. Use the app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Handy Information

Keeping track of your menstrual cycles is useful and easy. Use the simple-to-use, handy LoveToKnow chart to record your data every cycle. When you have need of this information, you will never have to try recreate it from memory.

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Handy Printable Menstrual Cycle Chart