Give Hair a Healthy Boost With Amino Acids

Amino Acids Affecting Hair

If you're wondering about amino acids affecting hair, it's true that a healthy diet full of amino acids can improve your hair quality. In fact, they affect your overall health as well, leading the way to wellness and longevity! Keep reading to find out more about how amino acids can affect your hair.

Amino Acids in Meat

Amino acids are a form of protein. You can get them from eating all sorts of healthy foods, but the amino acids most readily available to your body can be found in meat products, which supply a complete amino acid package.

Strong, Healthy Hair

Amino acids affecting hair health is one reason to boost your amino intake, though it's just one of the affects you'll notice. By getting more amino acids, you'll feel an overall better sense of health and well being.

Amino Acids in Grains

It can be difficult to get your complete amino acids if you don't eat meat, but consuming complex proteins - such as beans and nuts - with whole grains can create a complete amino acid combination, which is important for your health.

Hair Loss

If you're not getting enough amino acids, such as L-lysine, you may notice symptoms such as hair loss. Making sure you get enough protein in your diet can help prevent hair loss and keep your mane shiny and healthy.

Amino Acid Chemistry

The follicles on your head need a constant supply of amino acids to maintain steady hair growth. Follicles use up a lot of energy, vitamins, minerals and amino acids because their cell division turnover is so high. If you're low in essential amino acids, your hair follicles may have a hard time making more hair!

More Amino Acids Affecting Hair

If you want to keep your hair full and healthy, make sure you get enough essential amino acids. With a balanced diet full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, your hair and body will thank you!

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Give Hair a Healthy Boost With Amino Acids