Does Acai Help You Lose Weight?

Acai for Weight Loss

Does acai help you lose weight? The answer depends on who you ask. With more than half of the general population overweight, there's a large segment of society just itching to get their hands on a magic formula to makes weight loss easy. Manufacturers of weight loss products know this and target their campaigns to appeal to this sense of need. Because so many people are in the market for a magic pill or product, when news of the latest miracle weight loss products hits, it also spreads by word of mouth.

Does Acai Help You Lose Weight Naturally?

One of the things that make acai berry weight loss attractive is that it offers a natural approach to losing weight. Acai products claim to promote natural weight loss and state that acai berry supplements are different from other weight loss products which contain appetite suppressants. If that's the case, then how does acai help you lose weight?

According to manufactures, the acai berry stimulates the burning of calories as you go about your everyday activities. Like many other weight loss products, they do recommend that acai berry be taken as a supplement to a healthy diet plan with regular exercise. This, too, encourages weight loss.

The acai berry boon has opened a floodgate of products on the market and is now recommended for the acai diet, detoxing, and as a supplement to a balanced diet.

Does It or Doesn't It Help You Lose Weight?

While acai manufacturers promise natural weight loss as a result of taking acai, these claims haven't been verified. However, the fruit itself does offer all kinds of nutritional pluses. If you're looking for a good supplement acai supplements contain:

  • Antioxidants
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Monounsaturated fats
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Thiamin
  • Trace minerals

The thing is, the supplements can be expensive and these same nutrients are available in other foods and supplements so do your homework and comparison shop.

Beware of Free Online Acai Samples

As you check out more information online, you'll see acai berry products can be costly. Don't be too anxious to try free acai samples offered online, though. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams out there waiting to bilk the desperate-to-lose-weight of their hard-earned money. First, they lure the unsuspecting customer into accepting a free acai sample order. Sounds great so far, but then the person ordering is told that in order to receive the free sample, they have to pay for shipping. Now the vendor has a credit card number. What many of these sites actually do is enroll customer in a membership that requires them to receive and pay for a supply of the product each month following the free trial offer. This means your free trial offer can amount to $75.00 a month charged to your credit card.

How to Lose Weight Using Acai

Acai is a grape size berry that grows in the Amazon, so more than likely you'll buy it dried, in a supplemental form, or as a juice. It is a highly nutritious fruit, and makes a great supplement to a balanced diet. Instead of falling for the latest hype and going on the acai berry diet, learn to incorporate fruits, vegetables and other whole foods into your daily diet for optimum health. If you want to lose weight, take into consideration how many calories you eat daily and lower that amount along with increasing your activity level. Following this pattern will help you burn more calories than you take in, which results in weight loss. This will happen whether or not you take acai berry. The choice is up to you.

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Does Acai Help You Lose Weight?