Herbs for Toothache

Published February 15, 2018
Woman suffering from a toothache

There is nothing as terrible as a toothache. Luckily there are many herbal remedies available that are made from ingredients used as food, so they are completely safe to use even for children.

garlic bunch


One of the simplest remedies for toothache is an ingredient most kitchens stock at all times. Garlic is a home remedy which can be immediately tried in the absence of any other herbs. WebMD recommends garlic against tooth problems as it releases a chemical called allicin known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities which can target the cause of toothache.


Place bits of a garlic or a clove of it, on the tooth or in the abscess that is causing the problem.

Ginger On Table


Another common food doubling as a tooth remedy is ginger. The roots of ginger have antibacterial properties, that help in healing gum inflammation and swellings and tooth abscesses, according to Herbal Academy. This also provides relief against pain.


Peel and cut a piece of fresh ginger. Place the ginger over the aching tooth, and bite on it to release the juice which then can start its healing process.

Fresh Mint Plant


Herbal Academy also recommends peppermint to bring down pain due to toothache. Peppermint oil and leaves can both be used to treat pain.


There are various ways to use peppermint.

  • Oil: Soak a cotton ball with peppermint oil and apply to the painful tooth. Leave it in place for a few minutes and then rinse mouth with salt water.
  • Direct: A few fresh leaves can be mashed/chewed until they are soft. The paste can be applied on the aching areas and left for some minutes. Remove the leaves and follow up with a mouth-wash made from salt water.
  • Tea: If there are no fresh leaves, try dry peppermint leaves. They can be used to make a tea by steeping peppermint leaves in boiling water for about 20 minutes. Consume this as tea or use as a rinse by taking a few gulps and holding in the mouth for a while before spitting it out.

Prevent Toothache

In case you want alternatives to the usual treatment with cloves, look no further than the kitchen larder or garden for simple substitutes against pain or to maintain oral health. However, toothaches are caused by infections, so if the herbal remedies do not help, seek medical advice.

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Herbs for Toothache