Why Should You Use Vitamin K Cream?

Creams Containing Vitamin K

A topical form of the nutrient that promotes blood clotting, vitamin K cream is sold as a solution to a number of skin ailments and imperfections.

Vitamin K

A nutrient that is very necessary to the body, Vitamin K helps the liver in the production of essential proteins which promote blood clotting to prevent excessive bleeding. Vitamin K is produced naturally in the body by beneficial bacteria contained in the human intestines, and can also be obtained from a variety of dietary sources. Among these are green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, collard greens, and turnip greens. Some oils, like canola or soybean oil, are sources of vitamin K, as are beans, dairy products, cereals, and meats like liver and pork.

Uses of Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K cream is recommended by some physicians and alternative medicine practitioners as a remedy for a variety of dermatological issues. Among the skin conditions for which topical vitamin K preparations are used is bruising. Bruises are formed as injured blood vessels allow blood to pool under the skin. The application of a solution fortified with vitamin K is said to aid the body in reabsorbing that blood more quickly for a faster healing process.

Another popular use for vitamin K rich creams is reducing the appearance of spider veins, broken capillaries, and varicose veins. Some say these nutrient enriched creams work on these common problems by helping to strengthen blood vessel walls and reducing the risk of new injury, while aiding in fading existing imperfections.

Dark under eye circles are another issue for which topical vitamin K is often used. Dark patches under the eye are often caused by weakened or damaged blood vessels allowing a buildup of blood under the skin. Since vitamin K has been shown to be effective in helping to heal bruising, especially in the facial area, it makes sense that these preparations could be quite helpful in fading annoying and unsightly skin discolorations. Some products are manufactured especially for dark under eye circles using vitamin K in combination with retinol, a formulation that is said to be more effective than vitamin K alone.

Among the many other ways topical vitamin K preparations are said to be useful is in the treatment of minor burns, skin irritation, stretch marks, and scars. While not all of these claims have been verified by scientific studies, the effectiveness of vitamin K preparations has been proven for some uses.

Scientific Studies

Vitamin K has been widely used to assist in the treatment of bruising, as well as in the prevention of such skin discolorations. Application of topical vitamin K preparations is often recommended by cosmetic doctors for cosmetic surgery patients, for use both before and after procedures are performed. In a study done by the Departments of Dermatology of Cornell Medical Center in Ithaca, NY and New York University Medical Center, NYC, discoloration from pulsed dye laser treatments was shown to clear away faster the application of a topical solution containing one percent vitamin K.

However, a study done to test the assertion that vitamin K solution could act as a preventative to bruising if applied before laser surgery did not garner conclusions as favorable. Results showed no measurable difference in discoloration in those treated with topical vitamin K prior to surgery and those who were given a placebo. Taken together, these two studies would appear to support the conclusion that vitamin K solutions, while not likely to be an effective preventative for bruising, may speed healing of bruises that have already formed.

Purchasing Vitamin K Enriched Creams

Vitamin K cream is available from a variety of sources, from the family doctor or dermatologist in prescription strength, to over the counter products sold in the local drugstore, cosmetics shop, natural food store, or any number of online retailers. These products can be purchased in a range of formulations, containing differing concentrations of vitamin K. Many include other ingredients, meant to increase effectiveness for specified skin conditions, so be sure to read labels carefully, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

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Why Should You Use Vitamin K Cream?