Can Stretch Marks Go Away?

A woman's belly covered with stretch marks

If you're celebrating a pre-or post- baby body or have had a sudden shift in weight, you may be wondering, can stretch marks go away? While stretch marks themselves are a permanent scar that will always remain on the body, there are several techniques you can implement to reduce their appearance to a more comfortable level.

The Truth About Stretch Marks

There are plenty of myths surrounding stretch marks, which are scientifically known as striae. In pregnancy, nearly 70 percent of all women end up with marks over their abdomen and breasts from the sudden and rapid weight gain and loss shifts experienced before and after delivery. While most women who have given birth have at least a few telltale scars, stretch marks can affect everyone, regardless of age, sex or culture.

Stretch marks occur when the middle resilient layer of the skin, known as the dermis, tears as a result of sudden weight change. The tearing creates a red or purple discoloration line that can be up to a one-quarter inch in width and vary in length. Most stretch marks appear in small groups rather than single streaks.

Although stretch marks are a very common nuisance in pregnancy, they also occur in individuals experiencing puberty, who are rapidly muscle building, or even those who have entered a state of increased hormonal changes. Genetics play a very large role in whether or not you will get stretch marks. The resiliency of your skin and the ability for it to stretch without tearing is the second most important consideration.

Can Stretch Marks Go Away with Special Creams?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a magic cream could instantly revive your skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks altogether? Most people who wonder, can stretch marks go away, should rest assured that stretch marks will naturally fade to nearly translucent white lines over time. While the lines will be drastically minimized, they will remain a permanent point on the body, so acceptance of the marks early on will make the healing process much more realistic and easier.

Targeted body oils and vitamin E may help to repair the torn and stretched skin while minimizing the appearance of the lines. Different products produce different results on each user, so be sure to tread lightly in the world of expensive scar fading creams. An inexpensive vitamin oil may work wonders on some, while an upscale beauty treatment such as Bio Oil has received much praise amongst stretch mark sufferers.

Preventative Measures

Rather than trying to make stretch marks disappear, efforts may be better spent trying to prevent them in the first place. While some men and women are prone genetically to the marks, there are a few things you can do to increase your chance of avoiding them altogether:

  • Avoid crash-dieting or sudden weight gain
  • Gain or lose weight gradually, including muscle growth
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep the skin nourished
  • Apply daily moisturizer to prone areas such as the breast, thighs, hips and stomach

While stretch marks are permanent, they are unavoidable under many circumstances. Some people are simply more prone to the tearing during growth changes than others. Improving the appearance of stretch marks will help you cope with their presence as they fade. Try applying a daily application of cocoa butter on your marks to slowly diminish their appearance, and know that you aren't the only person plagued by this almost unpredictable skin change.

Can Stretch Marks Go Away?