Weight Loss With Homeopathy

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Homeopathic remedies are not a cure-all for weight loss, but they may help speed it up when used in combination with lifestyle changes. The remedies can assist with digestion, increased metabolism, and thyroid health. They can also help with underlying emotional issues preventing weight loss, which, according to an American Psychological Association poll, is a significant reason people gain weight or don't lose it.


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Capsicum is cayenne pepper. In addition to helping your digestion, it also helps stimulate body functioning. It assists in increasing fat metabolism, suppressing appetite and increasing the level of energy needed for exercise. Homeopathy prescribes treatments for the whole person. The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy lists some of the symptoms and personality traits capsicum is prescribed for. Keep in mind that this is general information, and not all symptoms and traits apply to everyone.

  • Lethargic
  • Weak stomach/digestion
  • Lax muscle fiber
  • Easily chilled
  • Drinking when thirsty causes chills
  • Not interested in doing anything outside of the routine


Consult your healthcare provider prior to taking capsicum. According to the National Center for Homeopathy, dosage for general remedies should be as follows, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Dosage for store-bought remedies is two to five pellets.
  • Potency depends on your reaction to the remedy. If you respond well, a higher potency is suggested. If you have a strong reaction, go with a lower potency.
  • Frequency of taking the remedy depends on results achieved and vitality of the patient.
  • Take the remedy dry under the tongue or in water.
  • Do not eat or drink for 60 minutes before or after taking the remedy.

Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Mur is actually sodium chloride or table salt. It targets fatty deposits in the buttocks and thighs. According to homeopathic doctor Vikas Sharma, M.D., it can help reduce cravings for salt and carbohydrates. The iodine contained in sodium chloride improves thyroid function in cases of hypothyroidism. Improved thyroid function increases metabolism of fats. According to Dr. Sharma, the symptoms and personality this remedy is prescribed for include:

  • Excess weight in buttocks and thighs
  • Weight gain due to stress and depression
  • Excessive heat
  • Intolerance of the sun
  • Anemia
  • Salt cravings


Consult your healthcare provider prior to taking natrium if you have high blood pressure, are on blood thinners, or have thyroid issues. Dosages for natrum muriaticum are the same as those indicated above for capsicum.

Calcarea Carbonica

Dr. Sharma also recommends calcarea carbonica, which comes from the inside of shells, for weight loss. It is actually an impure form of calcium carbonate. It is prescribed because it is a more general remedy. It boosts the metabolism and prevents fat accumulation. It also prevents strange food cravings. According to Healthy Diet Base calcarea is good for those that gained weight due to thyroid problems. It covers a number of different symptoms and personalities.

  • Low energy
  • Susceptible to upper respiratory infection
  • Stubborn and anxious
  • Sweats easily, especially from the head
  • Salt cravings
  • Sweet cravings
  • Easily exhausted from overexertion
  • Responsible people


Avoid coffee and camphor products during and up to two days after treatment. Side effects and interactions with allopathic remedies are rare, but do not use calcarea carb prior to ingesting sulphur. Otherwise, dosages are as listed above for capsicum.

Fucus Vesiculosus

Fish swimming through kelp plants

Fucus vesiculosus is more commonly known as bladderwrack, a type of kelp. It reduces digestion time and increases the metabolism. These effects are the reason fucus is prescribed for weight loss. In homeopathy, it is used as a mother tincture to treat:

  • Constipation
  • Thyroid issues
  • Obesity
  • Goiter


Thyroid issues are commonly associated with obesity. Fucus contains iodine, which boosts thyroid function and increases the metabolism. People being treated for hyperthyroidism and high blood pressure should not use fucus.

  • Dosage is five to 60 drops in water three times per day before meals.
  • Watch for allergy reactions with fucus.


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Phytolacca is the berry of the poke root plant. Many of its benefits are for ease of movement, and more movement means more calories burned. Phytolacca, according to the New York School of Homeopathy, "gets things moving in the body, especially the lymphatic system, the joints and the metabolism." Any remedy that gets you moving and speeds up lymphatic drainage and metabolism should help to help reduce weight. The symptoms and personalities it is used to treat include:

  • Glandular swelling
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Sciatica
  • Obesity


Dosage information is the same as listed above for capsicum.

Homeopathic Dosage Recommendations

Alternate Dosage information can and will be recommended by your homeopath if you choose to seek help. For store-bought remedies, the normal dosage is two to five pellets. There is no more benefit from taking five pellets than there is from taking two, according to The National Center for Homeopathy. Homeopathic dosage varies greatly from herbal dosage. Do not confuse the two, or you may end up taking too much. If you are in doubt as to whether a remedy will work for you or how much to take, consult a homeopath.

What to Expect

Homeopathy Plus has an excellent article that covers all the varieties of experiences you may have from homeopathic treatment. There are many responses you may have. They are based on dosage, symptoms, and the accuracy of information you can provide to the homeopath. The reactions to your treatment can include any of the following.

  • Curative response, where everything works perfectly. This is the best case scenario. It may occur in a single treatment or over time.
  • Similar aggravation is also known as the healing crisis. The symptoms get worse before they get better. This usually has a short duration, and your homeopath can fine tune the dosage for you based on this response.
  • Dissimilar aggravation generally means the remedy wasn't a good a match for your symptoms. It is characterized by new symptoms being added to the old. The homeopath can fine tune their recommendations, and the symptoms are usually of a short duration.

In addition to this information, keep in mind that homeopathy works much more slowly than conventional remedies. Hauser Homeopathy explains that the length of time it takes to see results varies on the general health and vitality of the patient, as well as other factors.

Does It Work

An article in the Times of India indicates that a 35-year-old woman who had gained 8kg after childbirth took off the weight using homeopathy, diet, and scientific monitoring. The NHS in the UK states, "There is no good quality evidence that homeopathy is effective as a treatment for any health condition." Homeopathic remedies do not work alone to cause weight loss, but they may be able to assist in speeding up the process.

Know the Risks

For the most part, homeopathic remedies present no risks. They are thought to be safe because there is little to none of the original substance in the remedy. Many in the mainstream medical community are skeptical of the use of homeopathic remedies. It is always best to talk to your doctor about alternative remedies. In allopathic as well as alternative medicine. you play an important part. If you leave out or skip over anything you are taking or doing, you risk your health.

It May Be Worth a Try

Homeopathic remedies may be able to assist with weight loss. They can detoxify your system, increase your metabolism, and even help with emotional issues. In order to have success with homeopathic remedies you need to use them in combination with exercise and nutrition, effectively treating the whole person.

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