Asana Examples

examples of asanas

Asana examples can help you get started doing yoga. Asanas are the positions performed by yogis. Some yogis perform a series of positions while others sit or stand in a particular asana for an extended period. Knowing a variety of asanas puts you in the position to begin working a yoga program on a daily basis. The more you know, the more varied your routine can be.

Examples of Yoga Positions

There are many asanas in yoga. You can start with simple ones, progressing to harder ones as you become better at yoga. Remember to not do anything that you are not comfortable with because you may risk injury.

Beginner Asanas

Asana examples for beginners are the place where you should start your yoga routine.

  • Corpse: The corpse is simply laying flat on your back with your arms at your side. This is a pose that typically begins and ends a series of poses.
  • Downward Dog: A common yoga pose, downward dog is transitional, as well as building strength and mobility on its own.
  • Child: This resting pose can be used any time that you get tired.
  • Cobra: One of the most basic backbends in yoga, this is used a number of times in a single beginner's yoga class.
  • Mountain: The mountain is a foundational pose used to build your ability to perform standing poses.

Intermediate Asanas

Once you have mastered the beginner asanas, you can move on to more advanced poses. While beginner poses introduce you to the motions and poses of yoga, the intermediate poses act as a a bridge between very basic poses and the more advanced asanas. Once you feel comfortable with beginner poses, step up your yoga game with these asanas.

  • Lotus: If there is a single pose that is an emblem for the study of yoga itself, it is the lotus. This comes in both half- and full-lotus form and is frequently used for long-term sitting.
  • Hero: Hero is another seated pose that is sometimes used in place of the lotus.
  • Fish: The fish pose is a more advanced backbend that acts as a bridge toward more difficult backbends.
  • Locust: A reverse backbend that builds up strength in the back.
  • Crow: This is one of the first arm-balancing asanas that many yogis learn.
  • Four-Limbed Staff: This is another introductory arm-balancing asana that allows you to balance using both your arms and your feet.

Advanced Asanas

The advanced asana examples are for experienced yogis to build up their routine even further.

  • Compass: A seated pose, compass is an asana example of the more advanced, limb-twisting positions that characterize advanced yoga.
  • Firefly: A highly difficult arm-supported asana, this builds strength in the arms as well as the core.
  • Wheel: An advanced backbend, the wheel builds strength throughout the entire body.

Building Your Yoga Routine

Now that you know a number of asana examples, you will want to build a routine. Start at a basic level, making sure to include a variety of poses that include sitting and back bending. Move on to more advanced poses as you become very comfortable doing the exercises that you are already doing. Always go at your own pace and make sure to breathe. You can find more information about various yoga asanas by visiting the LoveToKnow Yoga Pictures of Yoga Poses gallery.

Asana Examples