7 Boat Pose Steps to a Stronger Core

Full Boat Pose

Boat Pose, or Paripurna Navasana, is a core-strengthening posture for practitioners at an intermediate or advanced level. Regular practice of various intervals will help a beginner's progress with this asana.

About Boat Pose

In paripurna navasana, nava stands for "boat" and paripurna means "full" or "complete." Since there are many variations of this posture, the proper Sanskrit name refers to the final position of the pose.

In addition to a toned core, Boat Pose provides the following benefits:

  • Better digestion
  • Cleansed glands and vital organs
  • Reduced stress

Step into the Pose

Instructions for Boat Pose

  1. Begin by sitting down, legs extended in front of you, feet flexed.
  2. Lift your chest and straighten the back.
  3. With your palms on the floor, lean backwards until you feel positioned on your tailbone and sitting bones of the buttocks.
  4. Raise the legs up, shins parallel to the floor.
  5. Lift the arms, fingers outstretched, parallel to the floor.
  6. If you are balanced, straighten the legs and lift them to a 45-degree angle, toes pointed.
  7. Breathe through two cycles before lowering the legs from the waist and hips.

For more instructions on Boat Pose, visit Yoga Journal.



Make sure you are centered on your tailbone and sitting bones for proper form. Gradually raise your legs off the floor using the power of the abdomen, not the swinging momentum of the legs. Lift your legs in incremental heights each session.


Focus your intent less on the abdomen and more on the hip flexors by drawing the thighs downward without hardening the belly.

7 Boat Pose Steps to a Stronger Core