Children’s Kundalini Yoga: How to Get Started

Children's Yoga

While Hatha Yoga is the predominate style of yoga taught to kids, children's Kundalini Yoga is taking on a more important role.

Kundalini Yoga

This type of yoga practice incorporates both yoga postures and meditation in order to tap into energy that is built up or stored inside the body in various chakras. The Sanskrit word from which 'Kundalini' stems means that which is coiled up, sometimes depicted as a serpent uncoiling from the base of the spine. or a serpent. Within the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, one tries to release the stored energy inside the body.

This philosophy of recognizing, unearthing, and utilizing buried energy makes Kundalini Yoga an ideal choice for children of all ages. In addition, children with ADD or ADHD are often recommended a yoga practice in order to help learn to handle life's daily challenges.

Children's Kundalini Yoga is gaining in popularity not only because parents, teachers, and counselors think that it is effective for kids, but also because many kids enjoy the practice. Whether your child has a need for some kind of yoga practice, or simply is interested in giving it a try, Kundalini Yoga could be a good option for him or her. Kundalini is one type of fun yoga for kids because it demands some athleticism as well as opportunities to meditate.

Children's Kundalini Yoga

Find a Teacher

Kundalini Yoga classes for children should be taught by someone who has had both Kundalini Yoga teacher and a children's yoga teacher training. Try a site such as Yoga Finder to find children's teachers and classes.

Multimedia Resources

Books and DVDs are both good sources to learn all about Kundalini Yoga. Online videos on YouTube can introduce this type of yoga so that you can know more about whether it is an appropriate type of yoga in which to enroll your children. For example, the Kundalini introduction with Gurmukh shows some of the main points of Kundalini Yoga.

While there aren't any books specifically on children's Kundalina Yoga, reading about the style will give you more insight. In addition, some books offer yoga poses within the Kundalini Yoga practice; these poses can be practiced with children, as well as adults. A few Kundalini yoga books that are full of information are Kundalini Yoga, a basic resource with an overview of the discipline, and Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy, a specialized book for those with a sincere interest in understanding the most complicated aspects of Kundalini yoga.

Give It a Try

For children, Kundalini Yoga can be a great practice. Check with the child's health practitioner before starting yoga, and seek out a qualified teacher to ensure the best instruction.

Children’s Kundalini Yoga: How to Get Started