Ganesha Mudra Meaning + Simple Steps

Ganesha Mudra

Mudras offer a simple practice of yoga hand gestures to stimulate energy flow in the body. The mudra is named for Ganesh, the Hindu God who is the remover of obstacles, and it can help relieve stress.

What It Means

Ganesh is a Hindu god depicted as a richly adorned elephant, meditating in the lotus position. Performing the mudra named after the god, awakens inner fire and stimulates courage and confidence. Practicing this mudra may:

  • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Provide inner strength for overcoming obstacles
  • Help relieve stress
  • Stimulate the element of fire

Performing the Mudra

This gesture begins in Anjali mudra. Start in a seated, comfortable position with your hands pressed together in prayer position at heart level.

  1. Keeping your palms together, swivel each hand so your fingertips point toward the opposite elbow keeping your right palm facing your body.
  2. Bend all of your fingers on both hands into hooks.
  3. Slide your palms away from one another until your fingers hook together and lock.

Hold this pose for at least five minutes, or as long as you meditate. Chanting a Ganesh mantra, such as "Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha," can strengthen the power of this mudra.

A Mudra for Self

If you are feeling blocked, lacking courage, or feeling low self-esteem or will, this mudra can help. By making it a daily practice, you can stimulate your courage and remove obstacles.

Ganesha Mudra Meaning + Simple Steps