Ksepana Mudra: Steps to Refresh With This Move

Ksepana mudra

Ksepana mudra drains negative chi, or energy, and attracts fresh positive energy. It is used to detoxify, destress, release irritation and frustration, and strengthen optimistic thoughts and vibrant health. The specific position of the hands is extremely important when performing Ksepana, as is the length of time you hold the hand gesture. There are even Feng Shui rules for where to place a Buddha murti, with ksepana mudra hands, in your home.

Release and Refresh

The yoga hand gesture is a way to turn around a bad day, or it serves as a morning energy pick-me-up for a good start. Practice it seated comfortably on a chair, back straight, feet on the floor. Alternatively, add it to your meditation in half-lotus or lotus position. You may also place your hands in ksepana when you are in savasana (corpse) pose, although you change the orientation of the hands slightly for that.

  1. Begin with your elbows bent, hands at heart level, palms facing each other.
  2. Clasp your hands together, intertwining fingers and curving them so the pads of the fingers rest against the backs of your hands and both thumbs are bent.
  3. Straighten the index fingers, pressing the pads of the fingers together.
  4. Press the palms of the hands together and check that your thumbs are snugly crossed with the thumb pads mostly resting in the areas between the base of the thumbs and the knuckles of the index fingers.
  5. Bend your wrists to point the index fingers down if you are seated.
  6. Rest your forearms against your supine torso and point your index fingers towards your feet if you are lying on your mat.
  7. Breathe evenly and slowly, concentrating on completely emptying the lungs in each exhale.

Stay in ksepana for no more than seven to 15 minutes. Then release the pose and rest your hands, palms up, on your thighs. In addition to the energy shift, ksepana stimulates natural toxin release from your skin, lungs, and large intestine.

The Power of Positive Mudras

You remain in ksepana for a limited time because, once the negative energies drain away and the positive energy rushes in, prolonging the pose risks releasing the fresh new energy with every breath. You should feel tension and anger leave your body and a sense of wellbeing take its place. The cleansing and draining effect of ksepana is so strong that a Buddha whose hands are in ksepana should never face the front door, a Feng Shui point of welcome. Never place such a Buddha in a bedroom. Instead, use the powerful detoxing purification of the mudra to remedy any bagua area of a home or office that has low or negative energy -- a missing wealth corner or a window facing a dark alley, for example.

Ksepana Mudra: Steps to Refresh With This Move