Linga Mudra Meaning + Simple Steps


If you'd like to build fire or passion in your life, then linga mudra may be just what you need. Performing this symbolic hand gesture, which is associated with the first chakra, can help build the element of fire.

What It Means

In Hinduism, linga (also spelled lingam) represents Shiva, the Supreme God. It is a sign of regeneration and is often paired with yoni, a symbol of the feminine. In this way, many believe linga is associated with the male phallus and exists as a sign of fiery male passion and energy. Performing the mudra builds heat and energy, increases the element of fire, and increases energy. Because of this, the mudra may be used to achieve the following ends. It:

  • Protects against colds and releases chills
  • May help move beyond impotence, frigidity or lack of passion
  • Can increase metabolism or the rate at which the body burns energy
  • Energizes
  • Strengthens the immune system

How to Perform

To perform the mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably with your hands in your lap.
  2. Clasp your hands together with your fingers intertwined, knuckles pointing away from your body at solar plexus height.
  3. Point your right thumb to the ceiling.
  4. Make an "OK" sign around your right thumb with your left thumb and forefinger encircling the thumb while keeping your remaining fingers clasped.

Hold the mudra for five minutes while you meditate on the element of fire, or hold the hand position for an entire meditation. If your arms get tired, gently rest the mudra in your lap with the thumb still pointing upward.

Deepen Your Practice

You can deepen your practice with this mudra by meditating on the root chakra and the color red while chanting the Bija mantra for the root chakra, "lam," pronounced "lahm."

Easy to Perform

The linga mudra is easy to perform, and it can help build heat and the element of fire in your system. Try it as part of your yoga practice the next time you feel you need a little more heat in your life.

Linga Mudra Meaning + Simple Steps