Yoga Mountain Pose to Keep You Centered

Mountain Pose in Namaste

The mountain yoga pose, or tadasana, is a posture of composure and relaxed strength. Don't be misled by its simplicity. Remember, not all yoga poses need to involve rapid motion to achieve a great result.

About Mountain Yoga Pose

The root of tadasana, tada, means "mountain". This asana is a great centering or resting pose between other postures in your routine. Many yogis return to mountain yoga pose to regain a breath rhythm before continuing.

The primary benefit of mountain yoga pose is improved posture, but many also experience:

  • Relief from sciatica
  • Stronger lower body
  • Tightened abdomen

Step into the Pose

To perform the Mountain Yoga Pose:

  1. Start by stretching your toes and rolling your ankles.
  2. Stand straight and center your weight on all four corners of your feet.
  3. As if someone is lifting you up by a string, bring your shoulder blades down into your back.
  4. Firm the thighs, but do not lock the knees.
  5. Soften the eyes, and let tension drain from your face.
  6. Relax the arms at your sides.
  7. Keep your chest wide, but do not stick your ribs out to breathe. Let the breath flow from your lower abdomen, rising up and out the nose.

For more instructions on mountain yoga pose, visit Yoga Journal.


Start to understand the form of this pose by practicing against a wall. Bring the shoulder blades down into your back, and rest them, along with your heels, along the wall. Do not rest your head against the wall, as it will not be following the natural curve of the spine that way.

Also, keep your feet a couple of inches apart to improve balance.

As you progress, take a few steps away from the wall.


Move out of the pose into more challenging poses, such as tree pose or by closing your eyes.

Yoga Mountain Pose to Keep You Centered