7 Naked Yoga Videos to Release Inhibitions

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Naked or nude yoga is growing in popularity. Most participants enjoy the freedom of expression, increased self-esteem, and release from boundaries that nude yoga provides. At its core, naked yoga is supposed to be an awakening experience. However, for many people, nude yoga is simply a more sensual practice. Some couples also like to watch naked yoga videos together as a way to build intimacy with one another. If you're looking for naked yoga videos, keep in mind that some examples may feature an authentic yoga practice, while others might not.

Online Options for Naked Yoga Videos

Videos are available that are geared towards men, women, or both genders.

Naked Yoga School

Naked Yoga School.com offers online instruction that you can easily follow while at home or away. The produced videos feature nude male and female models. There are many short videos available, ranging in length from 15 minutes to 25 minutes. Topics include a basic yoga session, morning revival, and backbends. The videos are streaming, meaning that you cannot download from the website. Viewers are required to purchase a membership in order to watch videos. A 30-day nonrecurring membership is $48.95.

Yoga Undressed

Yoga Undressed is naked yoga geared towards women. There are four videos in the series, aimed at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, with a fourth one for doing with a partner. The series begins at just $19.99, and you can buy the entire collection for $99. Both DVD and download options are available at this website.

Steamy Hot Yoga

For a more erotic naked yoga video experience, try Steamy Hot Yoga. Viewers can choose a video of a favorite yoga model or consider them all. No particular yoga sequence is promoted: it's all about the women performing the poses, often topless. Viewers are required to sign up and purchase either an individual DVD, or buy a full membership for 24-hour limited access, unlimited monthly viewing, or unlimited viewing for a year. Prices start at $5.99.

Nude Yoga DVDs

For men interested in performing nude yoga, there are many options available on DVD. These are just a few of the options at Amazon:

  • Yoga Secrets by Raymond Lewis: Reviewers say the DVD doesn't have a lot of instruction and is best suited to people with previous yoga and gymnastics experience.
  • Aaron Star's Hot Nude Yoga 4-Disc Series: Based on Star's popular hot nude yoga class sessions for men, reviewers say this series provides quality sequences and good instruction.
  • Nude Partner Stretch by Kevin Glover: Part of the DaVinci Partner Series, reviewers say this is a mild but enjoyable stretching sequence.

Women may find Pure Nudge Yoga's Zen Garden Goddess best for intermediate posers, as reviewers comment that there is little instruction and mostly just shots of the instructor posing.

Embrace Your Body and Improve Your Energy

Nude yoga allows you greater freedom of movement while posing, as well as the chance to become more comfortable with your body in the privacy of your home. Try a beginner's DVD or download and find out of this natural state is the best way for you to practice yoga.

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7 Naked Yoga Videos to Release Inhibitions