Plank Pose: Tone Your Body in 7 Steps

plank pose
Plank Pose

Plank pose focuses your intention and builds strength. Plank pose is part of the revitalizing sun salutation series.

Benefits of the Plank Pose

Benefits of the Plank Pose include:

  • Tones the core of the body, particularly the abdomen and chest
  • Strengthens the arms
  • Improves posture

Step into the Pose

plank pose

To Perform Plank Pose

  1. Start in Downward Facing Dog Pose.
  2. Inhale deeply, and on the exhale, extend forward on straight arms.
  3. Spread your fingers wide, drawn the shoulders down from the ears, and firm up your arms.
  4. Balance your weight between the arms and through the extension of the legs. Your back is straight as you draw the tailbone down.
  5. Release the neck, and shift your gaze to the floor. Do not drop the head, but let it relax.
  6. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to one minute, breathing slow and deep.
  7. As you release the pose, don't drop the body. Lower it slowly with strength in the arms.

If you have trouble with carpal tunnel, do not practice this pose.

For more instructions on Plank pose, visit Yoga Journal.


Rise gradually into this asana. You should feel your abdominals tighten and have no strain in the back at all. Build strength by extending the arms with the knees on the floor, or resting on the forearms.

Also practice with the fingers and top of the head against the wall.


Hold the pose for three minutes, all while taking deep cleansing breaths. You can also lift one leg off the ground, heel even with the head. Hold for 30 seconds, breathe, release, and then lift the other leg.

Plank Pose: Tone Your Body in 7 Steps