Rudra Mudra

Rudra mudra

Associated with the solar plexus (third) chakra, rudra mudra is a yoga hand position that activates energy in this area. When performed in meditation or during yoga, this mudra can enhance personal will, clear obstacles and improve self-esteem.

What It Means

Rudra means "Lord" in Sanskrit, and it's one of the names of the destroyer god Shiva. When holding your hand in this mudra, it activates the energy in your third chakra, which is the center of personal power, self-worth, will and creativity. Other effects of performing this mudra include:

  • Gaining more self-control
  • Developing and growing self-worth and self-definition
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Strengthening personal will

Performing It

You can perform this mudra with a single hand or hold the mudra in both hands. It is performed in the same manner for either hand.

  1. Begin seated in a comfortable position, such as a lotus or half-lotus.
  2. Bend your arms at the elbows and hold them parallel to the ground with your hands raised off your knees.
  3. Touch the tip of your thumb of each hand to the tip of the forefinger and ring finger of the same hand.
  4. Keep your pinkie and middle finger straight.

Hold this posture for at least five minutes while breathing deeply and focusing on your solar plexus chakra. For extra solar plexus work, hold the position for your entire meditation. If your arms get tired, you can lower your hands to your lap while they remain in the mudra.

Deepening Your Practice

Since the mudra is associated with the third chakra, you can include other meditation work focused on the third chakra to deepen your practice. Visualize the color yellow and chant the Bija mantra for the solar plexus which is "ram" (pronounced "rahm"). You can also listen to a third chakra stimulating sound frequency during the meditation.

Strengthening Your Sense of Self

If you need to strengthen your personal will or sense of self, using Rudra mudra will help by stimulating your inner power center. Used alone or in conjunction with other practices, it's a powerful way to foster personal growth.

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