Tantric Yoga Video: Guide for Couples

Connecting yoga partners

The use of Tantric Yoga video clips or DVDs can introduce the art of Tantra to couples, or provide new ideas for those who already practice this spiritual type of yoga.

Tantra Yoga

A special kind of yoga that focuses on the connection between two people, Tantric Yoga is designed to enhance and build relationships. While many people associate Tantra with sex, the practice is primarily about nourishing the spiritual connection between the two members of a partnership. This connection is developed through physical proximity, but not through sexual touching.

Learning from Tantric Yoga Video Sources

Whether you access clips online or purchase DVDs, videos can help practitioners of Tantra Yoga to understand the concepts behind the art, as well as achieve a certain number of positions and sequences that belong to the practice of Tantra or Kundalini yoga. While you may find erotic inspiration in these videos, rest assured that Tantra yoga videos are not pornographic.

Partners interested in the practice should expect to learn the following from videos:

  • Listening to the other person's energy
  • Experiencing one's own connection to a partner
  • Being aware of the partner. Just like in regular yoga practice, the essence of the moment is stressed. In Tantra Yoga, your sphere of awareness is expanded to include another person.
  • Executing basic partner yoga poses
  • Developing partner poses from standard yoga poses performed next to one another, back to back, or front to front

Some couples may also find it valuable to read books or magazines about Tantra either before starting with videos, or as a complementary learning experience. The key to this practice helping a couple develop a closer relationship lies in the couple's ability to experience each other's presence fully.

Tantra Yoga Clips and DVDs

Tantric yoga video clips can be found online and immediately accessed; in addition, Tantra DVDs can be purchased or rented through providers like Netflix.

Online Videos

Tantra videos, from demonstrational to explanatory, can be found on the following sites:

  • Vimeo: This website offers a nice collection of videos, and tantric yoga is just one of the many topics covered.
  • Anmol Mehta: Featuring several different types of yoga, Tantra is just one of the areas of expertise you can learn about on this website. From videos to detailed illustrations, this site offers many visual aids for learning yoga.

Tantric Yoga DVDs

  • Tantric Yoga for Lovers: A DVD broken down into three sections: Tantric Partner Yoga, Yin and Yang Stretches for Him and Her, and Tantric Energy Yoga. This DVD is an excellent introduction for partners who are serious about starting a Tantra yoga practice.
  • Yoga Undressed: Several titles for men, women, and for partners, belong to this series. Offering practical information as well as an extensive stylistic overview of Tantra in yoga, these DVDs are instructional and artistic all at once.
  • Yoga Two-gether: This partner yoga DVD introduces a large number of flowing poses for partners to perform together. While not heavily Tantric in nature, the connection between two people practicing yoga together is the focus of the practice.
  • Sensual Yoga for Couples: This DVD features an extensive introduction to the intimacy gained through partnered couple's yoga, as well as demonstrations of many Tantric Yoga positions.

Spiritual Yoga

As your Tantra practice develops and your connection with your partner deepens and strengthens, continue learning new techniques and positions. Just like traditional yoga practices vary from beginner to advanced, so can Tantra develop into advanced poses and prolonged periods of connectedness between partners.

Tantric Yoga Video: Guide for Couples