What Is Water Yoga?

Published May 3, 2018
Water Yoga

Water yoga is a yoga class that takes place in a body of water, such as a pool or a lake. It's a lower impact option that uses unusual props, such as pool noodles and base boards. It also has a few benefits that are different than your typical land-based asana practice.

Get a Deeper Stretch With Water Yoga

Participants typically find water yoga to be easier than a normal flow. It's easier to get deep into poses in water yoga than in the studio for two reasons.

  • Your muscles are more relaxed due to the pressure of the water.
  • The natural buoyancy takes away a majority of your weight, which is what usually causes your muscles to activate.

Build Balance and Strength

Because the water is constantly shifting and moving, during a water yoga class, it may be more difficult to hold poses that require elements of balance. This is true for several poses, including tree, warrior III, and dancer's pose.

While this can be frustrating at first, the advantage is that you get to engage your core muscles in a new way, which will help increase your strength and balance in the long run. The next time you try the same pose in the studio, you will feel more stable and confident.

Vary Your Yoga Practice

One of the best things you can do for your physical fitness and your yoga practice is to mix it up once in a while. Adding new elements and experiences will help you become strong and get in shape. Call your local pool or fitness center to see if they offer water yoga, then book yourself into a class. If you like it, add it to your regular routine.

What Is Water Yoga?