12 Yoga Poses for Hamstring Tightness

downward facing dog
The Downward Facing Dog Pose is great for tight hamstrings.

Whether you travel a lot, work as a "desk jockey", or seem to stiffen up after a brisk walk, there are numerous yoga poses for tight hamstrings that help you relieve tension. The asanas below demonstrate a variety of ways you can stretch your hamstrings, even at a beginning yogi's level. Share these tips with your favorite runner, too, as he or she may experience a greater release through the hamstrings for longer periods of time than just stretching against a wall.

Tips to Make the Most of These Asanas

Below you'll find a number of yoga poses that can help you stretch and loosen your hamstrings. Hold these poses for up to a minute on each leg for the best results. Also make sure to go through a 10-minute warmup before any yoga or cardio routine.

Gallery of Yoga Poses for Tight Hamstrings

Give each of these poses a try to decide which ones work best for you.

The back leg extension of Warrior 1 makes it a terrific yoga pose for tight hamstrings
Also try Warrior 3
Performing Staff Pose with a strap stretches the hamstrings easily
Modified Plank Pose relieves tension
Wide-Legged Forward Bend is a great stretch
Practice Low Lunge a few times in your routine, deepening as you build strength
Bound Angle Pose releases the hamstrings and hips
Triangle Pose provides slow, steady relief
Improve balance as well as stretch while in Firefly Pose
Downward Facing Dog rejuvenates
Get up from your chair right now and do a Standing Forward Bend
Also try a Wide-Angled Forward Bend

Yoga Workouts Can Help You Feel Better

Practicing yoga is a great way to get in better shape. Look for more helpful poses in our Yoga Pose Gallery.

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12 Yoga Poses for Hamstring Tightness