3 Yoga Practice Downloads for Free

Computer-Aided Yoga Practice

In addition to studio yoga classes, home yoga practice free downloads can supplement a yoga practice. Whether you want audio tracks to practice your favorite asanas to global meditation music or entire yoga classes from the websites listed below, free yoga downloads are an excellent resource for the active yogi on a budget.

Studio and Home Yoga Practice

Ideally, yoga is practiced in a yoga studio with a qualified teacher, especially for beginning yoga students. However, a great way to supplement a weekly yoga class with an instructor is to practice daily or a few additional times during the week, at home. This can reinforce the poses that you are learning from your teacher, as well as increase the positive benefits that yoga can have on your life. The following free yoga downloads are good options for yogis of all experience levels.

Yoga Practice Free Download Websites

  • Subscribe to the Yoga Journal Podcast to receive new 20-minute yoga practice sessions on a regular basis. On the Yoga Journal Website, you can download all previous editions of the podcast, or select only the podcasts that address a goal or type of practice that you are looking for. Two versions of each podcast exist for your listening and viewing pleasure; download the audio to save space on your drives, or go for the video version if you would like to see the practice in action.
  • Yoga Download is a website that offers a wide variety of yoga styles. Whether you want a restorative yoga class, a fat-burning practice, or a special sequence of prenatal yoga, Yoga Download offers it all. While the longer classes can be played once for a nominal fee, or downloaded for repeated use for a moderate fee, all of the 20-minute downloads are free. In addition to the per-download fee schedule, Yoga Download also offers weekly and monthly plans for the yogi who does yoga often and doesn't like to repeat the same sequence time and again.
  • Yoga Today is an initiative to bring yoga to Internet users. While monthly and yearly unlimited downloads are available ($90/annually), this website also offers a free class of the week each week. If you decide to download the free class of the week for unlimited future use, the cost is $4.

Beyond Free Yoga Downloads

For most practitioners' yoga practices, free downloads are an excellent supplement to studio classes. It is advisable to check with your physician before starting yoga altogether, and mention to your yoga teacher that you would like to supplement with individual home practice to allow them to gauge your readiness.

Free downloads don't have to end with asana (postures); other yoga traditions, such as pranayama and guided meditation, can also be practiced with the help of downloads. For example, The Meditation Podcast offers regular podcasts for guided meditation. Practice safely, slowly, and mindfully to reap all of yoga's benefits in your individual practice whether it is a supplement to studio practice or you have left your yoga studio behind for a private practice.

3 Yoga Practice Downloads for Free