Original and Digital EPT Pregnancy Test Instructions

Updated May 15, 2019
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Instructions for the e.p.t. pregnancy test should come in the box with the product. If you're thinking of buying one and wondering how it works, here's a brief description, but you should still check the package before using this test. The e.p.t. pregnancy test instructions that come in the package are more detailed and will be up-to-date in case they've changed recently. However, you can get a good idea of how the product works with a general guide.

About the e.p.t. Pregnancy Test

The e.p.t. pregnancy test comes in three versions of the standard urine test.

  • The original home pregnancy test has a stick that you hold in your urine stream and a round window that shows a plus or minus sign.
  • The digital version has a screen that shows "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant."
  • The newest type is called Home Pregnancy Test Direct Flow hCG with European Technology that comes in the analog style and takes less than a minute to show results.

e.p.t. Early Pregnancy Test

The e.p.t early pregnancy test notes that is has a 99 percent accuracy when it comes to testing for pregnancy on the day of a missed period. Research notes that the test's accuracy is between 50 and 60 percent on the day of a missed period. Keep this in mind as you test for a pregnancy, and if you get a negative result, be sure to test a few days later if you still haven't begun your period as the accuracy will increase as more hCG builds up in your system if you are indeed pregnant.

E.p.t Early Pregnancy Test
E.p.t Early Pregnancy Test

Original Style e.p.t. Pregnancy Test Instructions

The e.p.t. pregnancy test instructions are easy to follow. Be sure the test hasn't expired

  1. Start in the morning. You can use the e.p.t. test as early as four days before your period is due. However, results are less likely to be accurate early in pregnancy. To help increase your chance of getting an accurate result, use the test as soon as you wake up, the first time you urinate. The test measures the pregnancy hormone (HCG), which is most concentrated first thing in the morning.
  2. Get ready. Take the test stick out of the package and remove the purple cap. The stick has an indentation for your thumb; hold the stick at that end, opposite from the absorbent tip. It doesn't matter if the results window is facing up or down, but make sure the absorbent tip is pointed downward.
  3. Collect a urine sample. You'll need to dip the test into your urine for 20 seconds, which can be done by using a clean cup to catch your urine or holding the test directly in your urine stream. If you don't want to look at your urine or don't want to have to dispose of the soiled cup, hold the stick in the stream for 10 seconds while you urinate.
  4. Wait. Now place the test stick on a dry, flat surface with the window facing up, and leave it alone for three minutes. Shaking the test stick or moving it around can affect the result.
  5. Check the results. After the three minutes are up, check the results window. If the results are not clear, wait another minute or two and check again.

Don't wait too long to check the results because they may be less accurate after 10 minutes have passed.


A line appears in a smaller, square window to let you know you've done the test right. If it doesn't, check the package instructions. You might not have done the test properly or the test stick might be faulty.

  • A red line in the round results window means you're pregnant.
  • No line means you're not.

Don't take these results as the final answer, though. If you think you're pregnant and the test doesn't agree, wait a few days to a week and try again. If it's still negative and you haven't had a period, see your doctor. Check with the doctor, too, if the test is positive. You'll need to confirm that you are pregnant and start the appropriate care.

Digital e.p.t. Pregnancy Test Instructions

The Digital e.p.t. pregnancy test instructions are just as simple, but the product does have a few important differences:

  • Instead of a red line, the results window shows "pregnant" for a positive e.p.t test, or "not pregnant".
  • A symbol flashes in the results window to let you know the test is processing.
  • If there's a problem with the test, the readout shows an error message.

Getting Started

Make sure your test has not expired. Next:

  1. Take the holder and the test stick out of the package.
  2. Remove the cap from the test stick.
  3. Keep the test stick's absorbent tip facing downwards.
  4. Be sure to note that this test needs less contact with your urine stream for accurate results.


Just like with the analog version of the e.p.t. pregnancy test, you'll need to dip the absorbent end of the test stick into your urine for 2o seconds. You can also hold it under your urine stream for five seconds. Continue to keep the absorbent tip pointing downwards throughout the test.

If you've done this step right, the hourglass symbol in the results window should flash. During this time, do not touch the testing stick.

Understanding e.p.t Pregnancy Test Results

Your results should be ready within one to three minutes. If you get a blank window or the words "See Leaflet," there's a problem with the test, which could indicate that:

  • You might not have used enough urine.
  • You may have picked up the test and impacted the results.
  • The test might be faulty.

Check the official e.p.t. pregnancy test instructions to see what to do next.

As with the analog version of the test, see your doctor if the test is positive, if it's negative but you haven't had a period, or if you have signs of pregnancy or any other concerns. You can find more information on the e.p.t. pregnancy test website.

Accurate Testing

Home pregnancy tests are becoming easier to read as manufacturers make new developments. No matter what the results are, it is important to follow up with a visit with your doctor. A medical professional can confirm or negate test results and it's a good idea to let your physician know that becoming pregnant is a concern.

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Original and Digital EPT Pregnancy Test Instructions