12 Must-Have Pregnancy Fashion Essentials

Pretty Knit Tops


Having the essential items in your maternity wardrobe is an important part of feeling and looking your best during your pregnancy. With a few basics, you can be ready for any event, and really show off your new and changing form.

Knit tops are one of the most useful maternity clothing purchases you can make. The knit fabric will stretch with you as you grow, and you can layer these tops to create a number of different looks. You'll need four or five knit tops in colors that suit you and sleeve lengths that are appropriate for the season.

Versatile Open Cardigan


You'll also need a cardigan sweater for layering. Choose a sweater in a neutral tone like taupe, black, or ivory. You can wear the sweater over any cute top for added warmth and versatility.

Flattering Fashion Jeans


Jeans are an essential item in any wardrobe, and this fact doesn't change with pregnancy. Choose a pair of fashion jeans that are comfortable and show off your curves. Dark washes and slim fits can be especially flattering during this time. You can pair them with tops and sweaters for a cute and casual look.

Simple Tank Tops


Because you may run a little warmer or cooler than normal during your pregnancy, it's great to wear layers so you can always be comfortable. You'll need several simple tank tops in basic colors to pair with your other maternity essentials.

Dressier Pants


If you work in an office or you need to dress up once in a while, you'll need at least one pair of dressier pants during your pregnancy. Choose a neutral color like black or gray so you can pair them with a variety of different tops. If you dress up every day for work, you may need several pairs.

Great Button-Down Shirt


Whether you routinely wear button-down shirts at the office, or you need a flattering look for your day at home, you can't beat the comfort and versatility of these fashion staples. You can pair your button-down with dress pants or jeans, or you can leave it open over a tank top. You'll need at least one of these, and you may need several for work.

Cozy Sweater


If you're pregnant during the cooler months, a cozy sweater is an essential part of your wardrobe. You can wear this to work or around the house, and it's perfect with jeans or dress pants.

Black Dress


You'll also need a great black dress that you can style up or down for any event. Pairing the dress with a cardigan and sandals gives you a more casual look, while heels and sparkly accessories are perfect for a night on the town.

Statement Accessories


Most women have a fairly limited maternity wardrobe, since they'll only be wearing these clothes for a few months. Because of this, you'll need some great statement accessories to help change up your look. Scarves, chunky necklaces, and great shoes can expand your maternity fashion options.

New Bra


The size and shape of your breasts can change a lot over the course of your pregnancy, and a couple of great bras that fit your new form are essential for looking great in any outfit. You may need to get measured at the lingerie store, since your bra size can be dramatically different than it was before you got pregnant.

Comfy Loungewear


Sometimes you just need to relax at home, and it's important that you have some loungwear that fits your new form. This outfit, which can consist of yoga pants and a comfortable knit top, can also double as PJs and workout wear.

Wildcard Look You Love


The final item you need to add to your maternity closet is one great top or dress you really love. This might be a designer item or a luxurious splurge, or it could be a pretty print that isn't as practical as your basic knit tops and jeans. Either way, choose something that makes you feel great every time you put it on. With this look and all your other essentials, you'll be ready for any occasion.

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12 Must-Have Pregnancy Fashion Essentials