Gallery of Natural Face Lift Ideas

7 Natural Face Lift Ideas

Many women look for alternatives to surgical face lift procedures, and fortunately there are natural face lift ideas you can try without having surgery. While the results may not be as drastic, natural treatments can help you have firmer, more youthful skin without the risks or a surgical procedure.

Facial Exercise

One of the simplest natural methods to increase facial firmness is through exercise. Facial yoga and facial exercises can target specific muscles of the face and neck to create tighter, younger looking skin.

Face Lift Creams

Many facial creams are available that are designed to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The following ingredients are commonly used in face lift creams: acetyl hexapeptide, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and vitamins A, C, and E. You may see results from using these types of creams in as little as one week.

Vitamin E Face Lift

Vitamins promote good skin health, and can also be used externally on the facial skin to reduce wrinkles. One common natural method is to create a facial mask using egg whites and vitamin E. The skin is both tightened and moisturized as a result.

Lemon Juice Facial

Another natural face mask that creates firmer skin utilizes citrus fruits such as lemon. Combine lemon juice with a natural moisturizer such as honey for a simple and inexpensive treatment for fresh, smooth-looking skin.

Facial Massage

Massage has many health benefits, and when done on the face, can help improve the skin's appearance. Facial massage improves circulation and breaks down fat deposits, resulting in healthier (and possibly younger-looking) skin.

Face Lifting Magnets
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Magnetic masks and individual magnets are another face lift alternative. Magnetic therapy is said to reduce and soften facial lines and wrinkles.

Face Lift Patches

Face lift patches are a natural method of reducing lines. The patches or pads are placed on the skin at night to undo the wrinkles caused by frequently used facial muscles.

Whether you choose a simple face-lifting natural ask, or an alternative treatment like magnets or patches, natural treatments can create more beautiful skin without surgery.

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Gallery of Natural Face Lift Ideas