Tips for Rejuvenating Black Skin

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Even with tired, dry, flaky skin or slick oily skin, rejuvenating black skin is possible. The trick is to take care of skin from the inside out. Reduce stress and then follow-up with nurturing skin treatments. Rejuvenated black skin will be yours.

Rejuvenating Black Skin with a Healthy Diet

Start with the inside of the body to achieve a healthy, rejuvenated glow on the outside. To really make a lasting change to the skin, it is likely that the diet must change. Eat a healthy diet, full of leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, for example, are high in silicone and are great for the skin. Eat a variety of whole foods that are found in the produce section or the meat section of the grocery store. Choose lean cuts of meat, reducing the amount of red meat that is consumed. Fast foods and other foods that are prepared usually have excess salt and/or sugar. Buy food raw and prepare it at home. Avoid packaged foods and processed foods as much as possible. Take vitamins or supplements that contain vitamin E. A good multivitamin will provide the needed nutrients on days when it's difficult to eat all of the daily vitamin requirements. Finally, drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Everything that is put in the inside of the body is reflected on the outside.


Exercising helps the body to release toxins through the skin. Select cardio work routines to work up a sweat at least five days a week. All makeup should be removed before the workout. Choose days and times and commit to the workout schedule. Work out with music. Set a goal. Reach the goal and go further. Exercising give the skin a healthy, vibrant glow. It also helps to reduce stress which is key in rejuvenating black skin.

Work out the Skin

At home, use a face brush to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps slough off dead skin cells, making the skin appear brighter. Use round circular movements and be gentle. Facial brushes can be found online or where bath and body products are sold. In lieu of using a face brush, use an exfoliating scrub on the skin. Choose an exfoliating scrub made with natural ingredients or make a product a home by grinding up almonds and adding it to a face cream and moisturizer.

Visit the Spa

There is nothing like a spa treatment for rejuvenating black skin and relaxing the mind. Get a facial at the spa. The facial should include a face massage, moisturizing, and steam. Microdermabrasion services are also key to having a fresh, glowing appearance. Microdermabrasion is safe for black skin because it merely exfoliates the surface of the skin. It makes the skin as smooth as butter and makes a noticeable difference in the skin. Choose a spa that is experienced in working with African American skin because black skin typically has adverse reactions to some spa treatments. Some aggressive deep chemical peels can cause pigmentation problems, but gentle salicylic acid chemical peels are typically fine.

Don't Stop at the Face

Get a sugar scrub at the spa or do one at home. Sugar scrubs in delicious scents exfoliate the entire body, moisturize it, and leaves a nice scent. Next, go for a relaxing massage to help improve circulation and relax the mind and spirit. If getting a spa massage is out of the question, get a nice long massage at home. The benefit is that there is no drive home after the massage, just a nice long nap. The key to rejuvenating black skin lies in taking care of internal needs in addition to the outside of the body. Beauty products and facial treatments may temporarily improve the skin, but for lasting results, a lifestyle change may be in order.

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Tips for Rejuvenating Black Skin