Anti Stress Coloring Pages

Woman relaxing at home with coloring book
Stay Calm and Keep Coloring

Coloring pages provide a fun way to escape the pressures and tensions of daily life. They offer a brief escape as individuals focus on the act of coloring rather than on their problems. Download and print these pages, and begin coloring your way to calm.

How to Download

To begin coloring your way to relaxation, download each free printable coloring page by clicking directly on the image. If the download doesn't start immediately, use this Guide to Adobe Printables to help you through the process.

Mandala Magic

Adult coloring books filled with mandala designs have recently seen a surge in popularity, but mandala as a tool to improve one's mental state is not a new concept. Karl Jung, also known as the founder of analytical psychology, described mandalas as "the archetype of wholeness," representing one's center. Contemporary experts theorize coloring mandalas can create a meditative-like state, as the complex circular patterns draw one's attention into intense focus.

Mandala Coloring: Similar to Meditation

The Power of Paisley

Intricate, detailed geometric patterns like paisley can also calm mental stress and promote a feeling of peace, shifting awareness and invoking a sense of calm.

Complex Paisley Patterns Can Bring Peace

Other Designs

Mandala and paisley designs are extremely popular because their intricate elements encourage focus on detail, directing the mind away from stressful thoughts. Other images can also restore tranquility. Consider a cup of tea with a friend in a peaceful garden. The imagined setting may create feelings of friendship, laughter, nature, and serenity.

Garden Tea: Feelings of Serenity

Additional Coloring Pages

Maybe mandala patterns and paisley fish ponds are not your cup of tea. Fortunately, there are a bounty of options to choose from. In addition to a vast selection of coloring books available for purchase in local book stores, a wealth of free coloring pages are only clicks away.

More Mandalas

Anyone looking for mandalas can consider the 100 % Mandalas website a great place to start. Browse the spectrum of designs by theme or difficulty level. Select the preferred coloring pages, then download and print for free.

Peaceful Paisleys and Beautiful Butterflies

There are a plethora of paisley patterns at Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages, as well as an incredible selection of other scenes and designs. Printable coloring pages are 100% free, and the assortment to choose from is extensive. They also have a collection of 106 butterflies to download for hours of coloring satisfaction.


Coloring Pages for Adults has a fantastic variety of floral coloring pages and a broad spectrum of free printable coloring pages. Some are soothing while others are less so. There is a wonderful zentangle section that delivers intricate patterns beyond mandala and paisley.

Color Yourself Happy

Regardless of which designs delight your spirit, there are sure to be free printable coloring pages waiting to take you away to your happy place. Prepare to release your cares and nurture your creative side for a while.

Anti Stress Coloring Pages