Biggest Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

While everyone has different stressors in their lives, the biggest causes of stress often affect everyone at some point. By understanding what those most common stressors are, you can find ways to make sure they don't add too much extra stress to your life.


Money is one of the biggest stressors of all. Unpaid bills, job loss, and unexpected expenses can all contribute to increased financial stress, as can long term financial needs, such as ongoing health care, college funds, and retirement. Consult with a budget counselor and find ways to save in everyday life to help eliminate some of your financial stress.


Poor health can cause a lot of stress. Not only is illness stressful on the body, but the loss of a day's work, missed appointments, and potential medical expenses can add up to even more stress. That stress can then inhibit how quickly you recover, creating a cycle of sickness and stress that can be hard to break.


Unsteady relationships are a big cause of stress for many people. Whether it is an uncommunicative spouse, intrusive in-laws, or an overbearing boss, the people in your life have a tremendous amount of influence on how much stress you feel. Don't be afraid to end unhealthy relationships, and seek counseling or help to improve relationships you wish to keep.

Work Stress

Every job has some type of stress, and work-related stress can be intense for anyone who does not enjoy their job. Deadlines, overdue projects, committee work, and packed schedules all add to the stress you may feel at the office, and your work stress can also be related to the size of your paycheck and the relationships you have at work.


An overcrowded schedule can make time one of your biggest causes of stress. Everyone needs some unscheduled time to simply relax, but if you have too many commitments and activities to attend to, your stress level will rise. To better control your time, avoid committing to plans you're not sure you can manage in the time you have, and always plan some relaxation time.


For students, school has a lot of big stressors. Difficult subjects can be stressful, especially if they are required classes for graduation or a specific degree program. Tests can also be stressful, and paying for higher education is always a concern. The social atmosphere and peer pressure of the school environment are other big causes of school-related stress.


No matter why you need to move, it can be stressful to relocate your life to a new area. Not only do you need to contend with the physical act of moving, but the loss of close relationships and familiarity with your neighborhood can lead to even more stress. To simplify your move, explore your new neighborhood prior to moving and declutter your life as you pack so you have fewer boxes to manage.

Overdue Bills

Overdue bills are a tremendous cause of financial stress. Utility cutoffs, increasing credit card interest rates, and vehicle repossessions are all possible if you have overdue bills, but fortunately many companies will be willing to work out reasonable payment plans if you take the time to ask for help and explain your circumstances.


The act of getting older can be a stressful one. Not only can health care and living costs mount at a time when your income may be shrinking, but dealing with other aging issues such as estate planning and loss of independence can be very frustrating and stressful. Take the time to talk to family members and friends for help, and keep control of your life to avoid too much stress.


Children can be a big cause of stress for their parents. New parents may not be familiar with all the details of parenting, and they can quickly become frustrated and fearful that they're not taking the best care of their child. Other parenting issues such as education, teenage peer pressure, and the financial costs of having children can be equally stressful.


Any injury automatically increases your stress level as you have to make adjustments to your life as you recover. The more severe and long-lasting the injury, the more stressful it will be. To reduce your stress and speed your recovery, be honest with your doctor about how well treatments are working, and ask for help with daily tasks so you don't put more strain on your injury.


Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, changing security regulations and restrictions, airline delays, lost luggage, traffic jams, and increasing fees can make travel a huge source of stress. To minimize that stress, travel well ahead of deadlines and familiarize yourself with security restrictions ahead of time so you don't encounter unexpected difficulties.


Unexpected accidents and incidents such as car accidents, theft, forgotten deadlines, and unexpected guests can all be big causes of stress. Learn to be flexible and make the most of each situation to avoid letting the stress overwhelm you.


Once you are familiar with the biggest causes of stress in your life, you can begin to find ways to relax so that stress does not take over your happiness. To learn how to relax no matter what is causing your stress, check out…

Biggest Causes of Stress