Christian Ways to Handle Work Stress

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Finding Christian ways to handle work stress will help you become closer to God and to be an example to others. As a Christian, you want to use your relationship with God to make good choices-and the workplace is ideal for practicing your Christian values.

Armor Yourself with a Christian Attitude

As a Christian, you probably wouldn't describe yourself as someone who lies, cheats, and steals. When you are at work, make sure you are continuing to serve God. When you follow the word of Jesus you are less likely to react with anger toward others. Seeking Christian ways to handle work stress means relying on God to find peace of mind and to guide you throughout the day.

  • "Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow." (Proverbs 13:11)

Be Silent

Spend a few minutes of your workday in silent prayer. While religion may not always mix with your work environment, you can spend time communicating with Him at any time during a stressful workday. There is no reason that you cannot become closer to God while on the job and ask Him to help guide you. In fact, there is no better time to get close to Him since you're likely spending half your life in the workplace.

  • "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." (Colossians 3:23)

Practice Thankfulness

Look at what God wants you to experience in your workday and instead of seeing the stress as punishment and hardships, trust that you are indeed serving Him. As a Christian, you are faithful and thankful. Instead of being caught up in work-related stress, thank the Lord for the reward of working, no matter how hard it may be. Having a job is a privilege. Instead of focusing on the difficulties, think of your job as a labor of love.

  • "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." (Ecclesiastes. 9:10)

Remind Yourself of the Truth

You are God's child and He loves you and wants you to rely on Him. Look to the Bible for comfort and find quotes about work that speak to you and bring you solace. You can also put a reminder in your day planner that tells you to seek God first when dealing with work stress. No matter what the problem, seek positive ways to deal with stress.

The Bible says that six days are to be spent in labor and the seventh in rest. Instead of complaining you don't have enough rest, realize that work is part of God's plan and your purpose. Take your work stress, which is inevitable with any job, and aim to please God.

  • "Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed." (Proverbs 12:24)

Be an Example of Christ

In the workplace, you develop meaningful relationships with all kinds of people, including believers and nonbelievers. There is probably no other time in your life where you will be around people of many backgrounds on a daily basis. The workplace is an ideal setting for practicing Christian values and setting an example.

How you behave at work is a testimony to your beliefs and an opportunity to glorify God. Don't make the mistake of setting poor examples or acting out. This makes you look bad and it hurts other Christians. Instead, work to develop the attributes of patience, faithfulness, honesty, and submission. Any hardships that come your way can be seen as stepping stones to growing your relationship with God and sharing your love with others.

  • "There is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot." (Ecclesiastes 3:22)

Other Christian Ways to Handle Work Stress

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Christian Ways to Handle Work Stress